Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Highway Men Episode 7 - Suicide Run In Space - Actual Play - Stars Without Numbers

As the Stone Backs engaged the forces of Apex medical the PCs wove through the action trying to stay one step ahead of everyone. This worked until the nukes came out & the force screens of the various players were put to the test. The characters were playing a leaf on the wind.
Then they were hit !
Was this the end of our heroes?
Hell no!

They drifted right towards their goal ! Attached the umbilicus & got aboard. Some sneaking , fierce fighting & they were back to their goal which was the recovery of the computer cores from the USS Thumis

One is the external core that has been added & the other is the original ship's core still on the bridge.

What their not aware of  this that not only is their ship attached to the Thumis, there's a skeleton crew aboard, & the whole ship is being run by an M5/ Interocitor combo running the entire ship!

Things are about to get mighty interesting for my group of intrepid space smugglers! MUHAHAHA

Good luck & you might want to check for traps!

These are the voyages of  a band of PCs on a trek to who knows where?

Why deeper into the Talon system of course! I've got you now my pretties!

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