Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Athamephatha- The Handmaidens of Darkness Revealed - A Planar Outsider for Your Old School Space Opera


The Athamephatha- The Handmaidens of Darkness

Type: Other
Armor Class :-2
Hit Dice : 12
Attacks: Clawed Bio Mechanical Tentacles 3d6+ Oblivion
Saving Throw :3
Special : Death Attack/Oblivion
Move : 12 ground/18 Hover/Fly 
Challenge Level/XP :15/2,900 

Birthed from the essences of long vanished alien civilizations & the wrecked dreams of a billion spacers. These things are often found in the coronas of dead suns dreaming of  sweet oblivion . They are the  final givers of  the release of  unreality where black holes, dead suns,& other unmentionable fates claim the lives of those who go before them.
They pluck the last morsels of those who come before them. Their bodies are immune to all; being of things not of this universe or even this dimensional reality. They are constructed of the nightmares of demons & given form by the mad mechanics of Yor wrapped in machinery .
Those who have seen under their billowing cloaks must save versus wands or be dumb struck by the sight of their writhing bodies of hellish mechanisms & dedicated alien flesh that tatters & flecks.
 Those struck by these monsters are slowly rotted from the inside as the entropic energies that flow through them claim the victim.Unless a save vs death is made.
There are some black psychics & mad necromancers who call upon them to bargain with them for the foul entropy jewels that they covet. These jewels are final product of those claimed by various interstellar phenomena. The monsters use these as sources of the power of oblivion for themselves. They will share the dark kiss of these things with others. For a time.
Within the black crystals flow the essence of  thousand mad voices & the  alien thoughts that whirl through the crystal matrices whispering long forgotten secrets & hellish dreams.
Those who use these things risk much. there will at least be 1d8 random spell or access two random psychic powers. As well as 1d6 forbidden secrets. The psychic may only use these crystals for 1d10 days at a clip. When the time has run its course the handmaidens will come to call upon the summoner & claim the crystal or the fool who called them. Perhaps both..
The handmaidens will also appear & hover when some great interstellar catastrophic event is about to occur.They may sing or cast a prophecy about events to come. They may also come to claim a soul for oblivion itself . 


  1. Those struck by these monsters are slowly rotted from the inside

    Gruesome, but I like it!

  2. I'm glad you like it! Thanks for the comment! There's more coming including tonight's Sunday game


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