Sunday, September 9, 2012

Star Trek The TOS 46th Anniversary One Shot - Actual Play SWN

The USS Constellation appears just outside the Galactic Barrier.. A group of aging mercenaries is in the area & must respond. These former United Star Fleet marines served under the command of Commodore Matt Deck this Constellation holds a very,very dangerous secret. An adventure for 5-7 PCs.
Photo: They're really pissed now! The PCs have found the omega launch device aboard the ship & now have realized that this isn't their Constellation at all. This is a ship from an alternative timeline. One of the players almost bought it from a Denevan neural parasite! They keep checking to see if that Dooms Day machine is coming.. The whole level is infected with parasites! 
The PC have only hours before the ship fades away flying dutchman style back into the spatial interphase that it came from. There is a mix here of Fighters, Experts, & 2 Psychics.. The PCs have beamed aboard & have already been attacked by 
a party of Klingon warriors.
They're expecting a Planet Killer to come out of the barrier.. The library computer entry on the Planet Killer in the CD-ROM game Star Trek: Star Fleet Academy mentions a school of thought suggesting that the galactic energy barrier may have been constructed ages ago to keep such planet killers out of the galaxy.
 The PCs have learned that this ship's history. A trap for the unwary it has come from the alternative time line of Gods & Men. They've learned this from my NPC version of the Klingon Warriors Three. They are Warriors from the houses of Kang, Kor, & Koloth respectively. Michael Ansara (Kang), John Colicos (Kor from "Errand of Mercy"), and William Campbell (Koloth from "The Trouble with Tribbles") would later reprise their Klingon roles on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
The warriors need the PC's help 

After fighting a running battle with a group of renegade androids the PCs have finally made it to the bridge where they find the ring master of this mad house. A member of the race that the Enterprise crew has fought before. 
One of the PCs
 has decided to remain behind trapped allowing his comrades to escape this ghost ship. After a nasty attack by one of the androids one of the Warriors has gone down. The PC has taken him to medical & the entity has been disrupted by the PCs. He will be down for 1d8 hours but isn't destroyed. The PC will do the honorable thing & help the Klingon. The rest of the Klingon warriors will stay with their comrade. The PC escape in a shuttle & get a glimpse of a large Sargasso of space crowded with space craft of every stripe. The ship fades away flying dutchman style back into the spatial interphase that it came from. The PCs make it back to their own ship to report their findings & collect their merc pay from star fleet.
Total body count 2 PCs from Neural parasites, 3 merc red shirts, & almost one Klingon NPC. The SWN system is very, very, lethal. Lessons learned for my Thursday night group.
Incase your wondering where the Constellation came from? Its from the Gods & Men Star Trek fan film. The ship is featured very breifly in the final battle sequence & was rushed into service. It never received the paint job of the others.. You can see more  Here

This ship is still out there & will  be causing more mayhem in the months to come in  my Thursday night Stars Without Numbers game! More to come! 

 The Retroclone Issue Of Star Trek

I've spent a good chunk of my weekend with the original run of Star Trek. Out of many of the vintage television shows its one of the easy ones to run with OD&D or any of its clones. Why? Because its iconic & very accessible to folks. Given its history & what not its easy to see who, what or where with the series.
 My personal favorite system for trek is Goblinoid with a healthy mix of Terminal Space. The ideas presented in SWN are solid & because of my Thursday night crew this was the reason why I choose it for this weekend's game. 


  1. That's a good cross-section of the world, with nods to bits and pieces from across the 46 years. Trek really is shared ground. And any mash-up of systems is a cool thing too. It sounds like a very good time.

  2. Thanks Porky! Hope all is well with you man. The trek stuff is very, very flexible & forgiving. I basically did a cross section of the entire series to see what could be gotten away with.. I used the SWN system because of its lethal & cinematic nature! A good time was had by all. Thanks for the comment man.


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