Thursday, September 20, 2012

1d10 Roughs, Rascals, & Rogues Of Space & Planet Side For Your Old School Space Opera

1d10 Roughs, Rascals, & Rogues  Of  Space  & Planet Side 
  1. Zilgarinan Pirate 3rd level fighter far from anywhere & nervously fingering  his energy pistol. He has very shifty eyes. Several of them twist & dart 
  2. A pair of Catherian con- men are trying to unload a an A.I. in a jeweled case that's smarter then they are.
  3. A pair of thieving crock men 2nd level thieves are dealing in stolen kidneys & are looking for temporary partners 
  4. A lone princess is on the run from her arranged marriage with a pair of droids in tow. The husband in hot pursuit. She needs to get off planetside now 
  5. A hypnotoad 3 hit points & with the ability to mesmerize unless a save vs death is made. ALLLLLll hail  the hypnotoad! The toad is a local warlord 
  6. A moisture farmer is looking for fighters & willing to pay 20,000 credits for the job to defend against a   band of desert pirates 
  7. A shape shifting hooker is looking to get off planet & is on the run from the local amoeboid mafia who are looking to absorb her into the collective. Nqr'te is a 4th level thief, good with blades, & the occasional favor 
  8. A rogue A.I. is looking for a humanoid to download himself into. He's at the moment passing himself off as a human who been violated by a terrible crime. No one really pays attention to the engineering droid in the corner where he's resting. 
  9. Grarlira a female were tiger assassin 4th level is seeking employment & looking for an adventuring party. She's far from home but very good with a blaster 
  10. 1d6 space cutthroats moving through the space cantina circles. Nothing special their simply a group of 3rd level murderous scum armed with blasters & wanting to kill  anyone they come across.  Will sell the organs for a quick profit 


  1. "A moisture farmer is looking for fighters & willing to pay 20,000 credits for the job to defend against a band of desert pirates "

    Does one of the PC's need to be a six foot tall anthropomorphic jackrabbit with green fur?

  2. Actually it helps a lot & you might need a love interest with pink hair. Thanks for the comment there's more to come.
    More nuttiness coming up.

  3. Fantastic :)

    By the way, I just recently discovered your blog and your archives are destroying my productivity. Way too much fun.

  4. We'll try to destroy more of it in the morning.Thanks for the comment more to destroy productivity coming up!


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