Saturday, September 22, 2012

1D20 Marvel Universe Alien Life Form & Others Encounter Table

  1. The Badoon (first seen in Silver Surfer #2)
  2. The Beyonders (first referenced in Marvel Two-in-One #63)
  3. The Brood (first seen in Uncanny X-Men #155)
  4. The Celestials (first seen in The Eternals #1)
  5. The Dire Wraiths (first seen in Rom the Spaceknight #1)
  6. The Evolutionaries (first seen in X-Men Giant-size #1)
  7. The Kree (first mentioned in Fantastic Four #64; first seen in Fantastic Four #65 (Blue) andMarvel Super Heroes #12 (Pink))
  8. The Phalanx in Uncanny X-Men #312
  9. The Rigellians (first seen in true form in Thor #130)
  10. The Shi'ar (first seen in X-Men #97)
  11. The Skrulls (first seen in Fantastic Four #2)
  12. The Symbiotes (first seen in Secret Wars crossover #8)
  13. The Space Phantoms (first seen in Avengers #2)
  14. The Technarchy (first seen in New Mutants #18)
  15. The Watchers (first seen, in the form of Uatu, in Fantastic Four #13)
  16.                                   Remains of the High  Galadorian civilization
  17.                                             The Ultron A.I Cybernetic Lifeforms 
  18.                                                        Cult of The Stranger 
  19.                                                      A group of  the Inhumans  
  20.                                       An evolved form of  The  Cosmic Cube 
There are times when a DM is stuck for an encounter with his group of PCs as they  roll across the planar multiversal paths. He needs something well different here's where this table adds a bit of color & difference to their lives. Enjoy

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