Friday, September 21, 2012

1d30 Up Pops The Devil Encounter Table - A Mostly Marvel Comics Inspired Encounter Table

  1. Orcus
  2. Allatou
  3. Asmodeus and his servant Saturnine
  4. Azazel
  5. Baphomet
  6. Blackheart
  7. Cloot, a demonic adversary of the Hulk and a disguise of Satannish
  8. Dagoth
  9. Damballah
  10. Haazareth Three
  11. Daimon Hellstrom
  12. Hoss
  13. Ikthalon - The embodiment of man's tendency to resist change, and thus represents frozen stagnation.
  14. Inanna, "demoness of inspiration and madness"
  15. Kazann
  16. Legion
  17. Ludi
  18. Lucifer (who is the real Satan)
  19. Marduk Kurios
  20. Mephisto
  21. Ningal
  22. Satana
  23. Satannish
  24. Sligguth
  25. Thog
  26. Zahgurim, "armorer to Satan"
  27. Zarathos
  28. Satannish
  29. Marduk Kurios
  30. Mephisto

There are times when in Science Fantasy game the DM needs a random encounter with an entity that just screams nasty. The fact that some players know the Monster Manual back to front means that you the DM needs something or some entity that is familiar yet slightly outside normal cosmology. Here's where this table comes in & yes there are repeat entries because hell up pops the devil again!
 Orcus is on there because demons are random like that & you need the wild factor in there as well.


This is meant as a parody & fan created homage to OD&D as well as Marvel comics. The entry is in no way a violation of the copyright or trade marks of their respective companies 


  1. Nice chart, though Satannish and some others show up twice.

  2. Johnny Olson at the mic. voice over, "That's right Trey because the house always slants things in their favor." Actually it was done on purpose mostly because I don't really think that they got enough air time. There are other devils & whatnot but these are mostly recognizable to most players who read Marvel comics


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