Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Star Trek The Next Generation 25th Anniversary!

Hey look what came in the mail today! 

 Apparently the 25 year mark past for Star Trek The Next Generation.. I remember bending heaven & Earth to get to a television to see it
The Impact upon culture back in the 90s was huge. They introduced & remade Star Trek into something that could really be accessible to a new generation.

The culture of Star Trek's Next Generation is still being felt with huge numbers of reruns across the planet. I remember being in Thailand & seeing the show. 
Its pretty much the standard bench mark as far as how to run certain styles of science fiction rpgs. Star Trek's impact on OD&D can't be underestimated with all kinds of little in jokes popping up across product. From Gamma World to Ad&d there's' always been a streak of it in there. There's a bit of it in Empire Of  The Petal Throne.
Now with Star Ships & Spacemen second edition with its Next Generation influence. I'd hazard to say that things from the show are alive & well in our collect cultural memory.
I remember seeing Encounter At Far Point & being really excited about the changes to the Trek universe.  

Encounter At Far Point served as a prime example of how to get a party together for an adventure in a sci fi game. There was really cool ideas in there to mine & still is actually. For a game like Terminal Space this could easily work as well.
I'm adding this to the pile of stuff that I've got to go through. I do feel a bit older now though.


  1. The impact I remember ST:TNG having was the protracted length of time before a season had any bold goings-on. It was the salt lick for scifi fans until the X-Files debut. If ST:TNG was a RPG I was playing in, I'd plead for mirror universe...

  2. Well I think that you've hit upon the beauty of the Star Trek universes there are enough variations to satisfy quite a few playing styles. However if you wanted to do an X-files style game there are certainly enough call for it.
    The largest problem I had with the X~files is the fact that the time & conspiracies within it over shadowed the show.Personally, I've always considered the X-files more conspiracy show then science fiction.
    Thanks for the comment. But if it wasn't for Next Generation we wouldn't have gotten DS-9 which was in my mind one of the best of the 90s Trek shows.


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