Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Elandurorgothi - The Vortex Reptiliads - A Monster For Your Old School Space Opera

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The Elandurorgothi
Type : Other
Armor Class: 4 (15)
Hit Dice : 4
Attacks: 1 Bite (1d4), Claws 1d4, Cellular Degeneration 1d8
Saving Throw : 11 
Special : Crushing Coils,Incorporation of  The Victim 
Move : 23
Challenge level 5/240

There is evil in the angles of time & space as well as between. This is where the the Elandurorgothi dwell.  Creatures of energies from beyond the pale of mankind. These creatures are a collection of pseudo flesh & forbidden science made flesh. They are called into the local space time by a set of accidental folds in space set up by certain conditions of  dark science or forbidden magic.
They come to feed & feed they must otherwise they are banished back to their hellish limbos of non existence. Once called into existence these monsters must feed in 1d4 rounds or else they may not remain in this space. They will attack the nearest victim they can with a rending of their powerful jaws. The victim will suffer an advanced form of  Cellular Degeneration  causing 1d8 points of damage  per round. The very existence of the poor devil is added to the bulk of the monster moment by moment. Unless a save versus death is rolled. This flesh acts an anchor for the  monster in our universe for the monster.
These things swim through the air & move to attack whatever they can unless under mental domination or telepathic rapport.  They're minds slide as easily as their flesh as temporary eyes, wings, tentacles, & other organs are created & absorbed.
Most prey is not even aware of the beast until its coils are surrounding the victim.  A combination of coils, claws, bite & final degeneration takes place adding the victim to its mass. It is said that the souls of each & everyone are alive within the beast. 
They are often called upon by outsiders, priests of dark alien things & others to act as mass storage devices of forbidden knowledge, dark hellish magic & far far worse applications.
There those who have dedicated their lives to banishing these things back, back beyond the pale where they belong until the time of damnation when the stars will be right again. 


  1. Fun monster. Eminently summonable by bad-guys...

  2. Well if you like it then I did my job as a DM! Thanks Garrison & its been fun to do this one! More from Weird Tales on the way & thanks for the suggestion!


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