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1D30 Random Other Dimensional Entity Encounter Table Inspired By Dr.Strange

1D30 Random Other Dimensional Entity Encounter Table Inspired By Dr.Strange 
  1. Baron Mordo - Traitorous fellow student to the Ancient One, and disciple of Dormammu.
  2. Chthon - Elder God of black magic, written down in the Darkhold.
  3. D'Spayre - A Fear Lord created by the Dweller-in-Darkness to embody despair.
  4. Dormammu - Most powerful and malevolent of "the Faltine", higher-dimensional mystical energy beings. Strange's archenemy.
  5. Dracula - Undead lord of the vampires.
  6. Dweller-in-Darkness - Older than the universe and most powerful of the Fear Lords.
  7. In-Betweener - The balancing agent between the forces of Chaos and Order, wishing to rebel and ruthlessly rebalance the universe according to its wishes.
  8. Kaluu - Immortal archrival of the Ancient One, and the greatest human master of dark magic.
  9. Lilith - An ancient demon connected to ancient Atlantis, and mother of the Lilin.
  10. Mephisto - One of the most powerful Hell-lords.
  11. Nightmare - A fear lord who rules the plagued dreams of all humans, and one of Strange's greatest enemies.
  12. Nox - One of the fear lords.
  13. Satannish - One of the most powerful Hell-lords, created by Dormammu billions of years ago.
  14. Set - Elder God of chaos, and master of the Serpent Crown.
  15. Shuma-Gorath - One of the greatest undying many-angled ones. Responsible for killing Strange's mentor, the Ancient One.
  16. Silver Dagger - A former Cardinal in the Catholic Church, who went insane after reading the Darkhold, and turned into a fanatic witch-hunter, believing them an affront to God.
  17. Umar - Sister of Dormammu. An entity motivated by hedonism, sadism, and thirst for power.
  18. Urthona - An alien sorcerer that sought to usurp Strange's power and position.
  19. Xandu - A sorcerer seeking power through the Wand of Watoomb.
  20. Yandroth - The Scientist Supreme of his universe, pitting the combination of his technology and sorcerous knowledge against Strange's magic.
  21. Zom - The most powerful demon in existence, beyond even Eternity's ability to defeat alone.
  22. Balthakk,
  23.  Cyttorak
  24. Farallah, 
  25. Ikonn,
  26.  Krakkan,
  27.  Raggadorr, 
  28. Valtorr,
  29.  Watoomb

  30. Dr Strange by Steve Ditko.jpg
With the roving bands of adventurers there are times when a DM needs that extra punch of something that is going to get remembered throughout the campaign. This table proves a few random diversions of entities & NPCs from the pages of Strange Tales, Dr.Strange, & others. These are meant to give your players an interesting sidetrack for your old school gaming. I hope you folks enjoy.
 The mythos of strange appears randomly throughout OD&D and Ad&d as in jokes & some in house humor. Strange is very well suited to act as a patron, NPC, or in a variety of roles in a no holds barred game. 


  1. list!

    You could also include The Son Of Satan, Man-Thing, and The Hulk (from that time he was trapped in Limbo and bouncing around from dimension to dimension).

    It's not a Marvel comic unless some heroes fight each other!

  2. Another great comics inspired chart!

  3. Thanks Trey I love doing stuff like this. Just some fun & games with Strange! Glad you liked it man.

    Justin - Shhh lets not give away some of the surprises coming up shall we? ;-) Thanks for the comment & there's more to come.


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