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The Loom - A New Race For Mutant Future - Stars Without Numbers

Based upon the work of Luke Scoot this is a dismal future where mankind is reaching towards the stars but things are not so rosy back on Earth. Man has lost many ships going through the  the inter system corridor to a terraformed Mars. The process has just started. Wayland Industries is paving the way.
Add to this the cloning technology that is just starting to feed the billions of inhabitants of this globe. 

Wayland Industries is transforming the Earth but it is not without growing pains.Cloning, A.I., Genetic Engineering, & many other technologies are creating the so called Singularity points for mankind. Here's where a Mutant Future Earth Diverges from the  corporate timeline we've  seen in the Alien  as well as the Prometheus movies &  their corporate timeline. 
The Loom As Race For Mutant Future 

Hit Dice: 1d4 per point of CON.

Mutations: Bizarre Appearance (Elf-like features), Empathy, Frailty (Atmosphere frailty), Metaconcert, Mind Trust, Neural Telepathy, Tinker Affinity, Reduced Immune System, Heightened Intelligence 
 The Loom are the product of an unknown genetic engineer whose name is lost to history. They started as a result of this man's dedication to his work after losing his way from the high halls of science. Reduced to working in the trenches of  the global meat cloning facilities of the Wayland owned mini corporations. This man none the less created the first of a series of divergent species of mankind there by bringing down the wrath of the United Nations Global Genetic Authorities. 

She was the first of her kind & unable to exist outside the bounds of laboratory conditions. The design however was not unnoticed by the bio genetics wing of the Wayland corporation. There had already been thousands of illegally created "mutates" before this. The difference was the simple & elegant design of the Loom whose design could be applied to a wide variety of worlds.This would enable Mankind to expand its reach into the interstellar void without simply relying on the presence of so called "artificial persons"

The Loom are still encountered from time to time out in the void of the universe an uncomfortable reminder of the madness  of the early so called "Shadow Years" when the genome of mankind gave birth to a wide variety of wonders & monsters.
The psychic abilities  of the Loom allow them to grasp & learn technology very quickly & teach others of their kind just as fast. They gain a +1 when using any artifacts of the ancients they encounter.
They're telepathy is very strong and grants them the ability to adapt to a wide variety of conditions & pass vital information among themselves.
The Loom are a race literally bred for the stars. The racial template can be adapted to a wide variety of atmospheric & world types. Within a few short decades the Loom will have settled in their role of planetary colonist. The breeding cycle of the Loom is only 4 months allowing generations to breed quickly, accomplish much, & continue to spread with little infant mortality. 
When colonists reached the stars on many worlds the Loom were already there waiting for them. 

There is grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed into a few forms or into one; and that, whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity, from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved.
-Darwin "On the Origin of Species"
The Loom For Stars Without Numbers As PC Race. 

There are is absolutely no truth to the rumors that the Loom were created using Engineer fill in genetic material discovered on Mars in the late 2020s. The so called Mars Visitation Incident was not the point for this at all. This is only speculation.
The Loom themselves have been isolated from the rest of mankind & display a marked aversion to humankind. They have been written off as stand offish & separatist.
The truth is far more complex. This species displays some marked psychic abilities separating them from the rest of mankind even other psychics. They gain empathy automatically 
The Loom are most often psychics with strong & distinct telepathic abilities. They specialize in the Expert class as well. Gaining a +1 with all technology.. The fighters among the Loom are those who have served as mercs & among the shock troops of various warlords.
The race uses the following lenses :
Joy, Journeying,Pride
 They have also from time to time been used as pleasure slaves & are sometimes found among the lowest dregs of interstellar space. Often as both victims & victimizers. The less said about these the better. 

The Loom In Terminal Space 

The Loom could easily be encountered in Terminal Space . These are beings who have been created by a number of ancient races no longer among the stars . These Loom will run the gamut from clerics to criminals. They're abilities marking them as different & unique among the stars. The stats for Mutant Future allow the Loom to be used in an OD&D setting easily.
They can be made as antagonists for elves & could easily give the PC Mi Go race a run as competition for resources. They're abilities give several distinct advantages. All Loom gain + 1 to intelligence & wisdom. Additional powers as the DM sees fit. 

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