Thursday, September 13, 2012

Star Monster - An Old School Space Monster For Your Space Opera Campaign

No Encountered 1d4 
Alignment : Chaotic 
Move : 60 (20)
Armor Class : 6 
Hit Dice : 15 
Attacks 2 Bite, Sting, Mental Mutations 
Damage : 2d8/1d8 
Save : L8 
Morale : 10 
Hoard Class : XiX 
Mutations : Mental Domination, Disintegration

These beasts are the horrors of the space lanes. They appear from the angles of dimensional space & wreck havoc on many space craft crews. The Star Monster comes from no where at all, the psychic winds announcing its arrival.
The strange glowing eye like organ in the center of its mouth pulses in time to the howls of the wind from nowhere as it mentally dominates each victim that it can gets its alien mind around. The victim must make a save versus death or simply be compelled to throw themselves at the beast.
Those who do resist still must face its fierce bite or the deadly sting of its barbed tale. These are very nasty & dangerous creatures. They will depart back into the black ether but only after they have fed upon 1d8 crew members of a craft.
The Star Monster is easily adapted to the Terminal space game providing yet another danger to the darkness of space itself.

The Star Monster Notes :

I've riffed off of the Dragon from Space 1999 & this should be pretty good substitute  for a Mutant Future style of game. The stats should easily convert to your favorite science fantasy game. 

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