Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thauroth's Hunting Grifon - A Monster For Your Old School Space Opera

Israhel van Meckenem ~ Grifon (c. 1465)

Number appearing: 1d3
Type : Other 

Armor class: 3 (16) 
Hit Dice : 7 
Attacks : 2 talons (1d3 ), bite (2d8) 
Special : Flies, Siren song 
Move 12/27
Challenge Level : 10/1400

A product of  psychic research where the intersection of reality & warping psychic powers has torn the veil asunder.  These monsters are waiting to feed on those who would call on the latest entities who lie  in wait for the unwary, the foolish & the utterly stupid. These damnable things haunt the desolate & lonely places feeding on the carrion & psychic desolation left behind. 
 They are the servants of the old ones. The twisted hunters that take the souls of those who are weak or foolish. They hunt in packs that serve the twisted  veiled priests & whose savage demonic fury knows no bounds. 
They're damned songs haunt the dreams of those who encounter them,. Eventually unless a saving throw verus wands is rolled the prey will seek them out in 1d4 days. They will sacrifice themselves to the razor sharp claws of the Grifon 
They are found through out many worlds & seemly endless places where trod the Old Ones. Only those with strong telepathic or magical abilities can banish them back beyond the darkness once more. 

 The Xeno specialist Thauroth was cut down after discovering these hellish things on Tandom 5  . They took him within moments of his set up a blind to further study these monsters of hell wrought nightmare. Caution should be maintained when these beasts have been called or encountered. There is no controlling them. They fly into a rage at the slightest mention of the words of binding. There is a 60% chance of them trying to rend the one who called them from beyond the black depths. 
 They have a seemly demonic almost human like cunning & intelligence. When encountered they will have a full agenda & will see adventurers as prey or amusement perhaps both. No encounter should ever be taken lightly. They take full damage from energy weapons. However they will berserk as soon as these types of weapons are brought to bare. 
Thauroth's Hunting Grifon
SWN Stats
Armor Class: 3 
Hit Dice : 7
Attack Bonus +4/+4
Damage : 
2 talons (1d3 ), bite (2d8)
Number Appearing : 1-3 
Saving Throw 14+
Movement : 40 ' 

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