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Further Thoughts On ACK's Dwimmermount + Dark Albion Equals as A Massive Campaign Setting

The grave signs are in the heavens! People are disappearing again! Something terrible is amiss & whispered rumors of ancient hates appearing in Germania! Has the world gone crazy as there is news of the black magicians of France are massing on the borders! All of this as the Celtics move behind their ancient walls!
Albion boils in its own juices as civil war envelops the country! Is all the work of that devil mountain Dwimmermount as the wise men & sages are saying?

Let the headache continue tonight, I got several emails requesting more information about Dwimmermount being used inside of Dark Albion's setting after Rpgpundit gave me a shout out.

So tonight I got together again with my coffee clutch of Dungeon Masters to talk about two huge thorns in the side of a Dark Albion dungeon master. That's France, Scotland, & their roles during the War of The Roses. Everything changes with a single death, once again according to the Soldiers of Misfortune website;"Edward enjoyed a peaceful life until his death in 1483, while Louis XI took care of Burgundy. He secretly roused the Swiss to war against Charles the Bold, who came to a miserable end in the battle at Nancy (1477). But the crafty Louis reaped only a small part of the rewards, because the Habsburgs took the lion's share of the Burgundian inheritance. And while it seems that these events happened far away on the continent, they without doubt caused repercussions for the Wars of the Roses, which would have been over after the battle of Towton in 1461 were it not for the support of France or Burgundy. Events on the continent dictated where the defeated could find help in the form of primarily money and mercenaries.

As long as Edward governed he stayed away from the conflict between France and Habsburg. But when, after his death, his brother Richard Duke of Gloucester took the throne for himself and had some disaffected nobles executed, a new surge of emigrants fled to the continent. Most gathered around Henry Tudor, a Welsh nobleman who had always been a loyal partisan of the Lancaster and had moved to Brittany.

The situation worsened when Louis XI died in the summer of 1483, and his sister Anne de Beaujeu exercised the regency for his eleven year old son. Some of the senior nobles tried to engineer this situation to their benefit. The Duke of Orleans hoped to become king and allied himself with the Duke of Brittany and Maximilian of Habsburg. Richard III was willing to join the coalition and send his archers to Brittany, but first he demanded the extradition of Henry Tudor and the other exiles. These fled to France and asked for support there.

They were forced to wait for some time. However, when in March 1485 the poorly planned revolt of the Duke of Orleans failed, Anne de Beaujeu was ready to see about the English problem. After the revolt had been quickly brought under control, she was left with many troops who it would have been best to deport overseas, before they caused trouble at home. She gave Henry Tudor a loan of 40,000 livres to start recruiting. The biggest contingent was comprised of 1,000 Scots who had been brought to France to fight the Duke of Orleans, and who now showed little inclination to return home so rapidly. The number of French - discharged mercenaries, Bretons, gunners and adventurers - is estimated at perhaps 1,800. These numbers were finally augmented with a few hundred English exiles."
So what does the reappearance of the mega dungeon of Dwimmermount have to do with France & Scotland? Plenty, because of the other worldly nature of the mega dungeon and its role in the creation of humanity, the other worldly Eld & their campaign against the Dark Albionion Elves. Dwimmermount is partially the center of supernatural events across the globe. Nothing happens in isolation and the reappearance of the legendary dungeon location is going to cause ripples world wide but not in the way most might be thinking. Dwimmermount has been in Fairyland due to the machinations of the Dark Albionian Elves. What the Hell has it been doing over there for all this time? The same thing it does over on Albion, trapping creatures, tempting factions into its halls, and being a source of chaos & evil. There's one word  for why, power.
The Hundred Year war has drained wills, manpower, bank accounts, and the resolve of Dark Albion's Europe. Now add in the mix a mega dungeon that has designs of its own for the world at large and its not a pretty picture. Don't think that the mega dungeon's reappearance hasn't gone unnoticed in the halls of the Frogmen of France. 

Anne de Beaujeu was a spy mistress of incredible cunning in the real world but in the world of Dark Albion she's a monstrous spider sitting at a network of Frogmen cults spying on the moves of Albion. Her supernatural reach could easily spread as far as the isolated hidden  Black Forrest location of Dwimmermount’s Muntburg. Muntburg which is no longer of the world of Albion after the megadungeon takes the city along  back with it to Fairy after the first relics of the mega dungeon are found in the valley and lands surrounding the place. So it only now partially exists in the world

I mentioned power earlier & when it comes to the situation of Dwimmermount its going to first get back to
Anne de Beaujeu followed by the magistrates of the temples of the Unconquered Sun. How because of trade & various foreign powers operating in Albion because of the civil war. This is where Adventurer, Conqueror, King comes in. Its set up to handle the details of thieving guilds and spy networks with impunity.

Anne de Beaujeu has a spy networks of Frogmen worshipers throughout the English channel border with France. This includes temples of Neptune which have grown lax in the attentions of the church over the events of the civil war.

Frogmen have been able to usurp certain temples with priests of their own who worship another water god.
Sea monks  have been influencing these temples with hybrid operative priests of their own but very few suspect the depth and level of infiltration by these hideous pretenders. Dagon has craved an elevated position over Neptune for decades. Now it has the opportunity and its chaos cults flourish. This rise of power of Dagon provides lots of information on the movement of trade, economic growth of other countries, even the ability to control the comings and goings of ships through weather & more. This is a perfect set up for a hardy band of inquisitors to investigate. 

Off the coast of Albion fishermen have disappeared and the waters of the Channel are rife with the lairs of Morkoth.

Monsters sacred to Dagon but Neptune is aware of the situation & is speaking to his faithful through dreams now. It is only a matter of time before a band of adventurers shuts down these chaotic cults. No doubt that word of the miraculous relics and wonders of Dwimmermount are also going to be carried far and wide.

This is going to add more pressure to the explosive situation in Albion & the Scots are going to take full advantage of this situation. Since Dark Albion follows the real world history then your going to see the Scots right in there.

"After the Wars of Scottish Independence, England and Scotland fought several times during the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries. In most cases, one country attempted to take advantage of weakness or instability in the other. For example, James II of Scotland attempted to regain Berwick during the Wars of the Roses in England."

This is exactly the sort of a conflict within a conflict that Domains of War is designed to handle. The game system is perfect for just this sort of lower tier warfare and nastiness. By taking advantage of the system of ACK's , Domains of War & Dark Albion PC's have a chance to carve out their own niche within the events of the civil war putting a whole different spin on the end game of Dark Albion. 

Drawing deeply from Dark Albion's Cults of Chaos there is a chance to round out the other supernatural factions of the civil war and put your own spin on these powers. All in all this is a serious campaign with many different and challenging fronts for an experienced DM and his or her players. This campaign is very involved and could be very rewarding in terms of role playing opportunities and even warfare.

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