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Old Venus A Sword & Sorcery Adventure Setting For Using OSR Resources With The Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg System

Beyond the Borea winds there are worlds of Old Earth that harbor strange & sinister
secrets. Old Venus is one of these worlds but it is rich in both opportunity & ancient danger.

Old Venus is a world out held captive by  the bloated & sinking red sun of Hyperborea; a world rife with life as well as possibilities. This is a jungle world whose fetid lands teams  plant & fungal life of all kinds. Where ancient ruins of elder races abound but now the tendril baring lizard men have settled where once the ancient Hyperboreans trod. Great treasures in the form of valuable crystal orbs that can be used as a source of incredible power hold vast value to wizards, magi, & scribes who know their secrets. These orbs are worth between 60,000 to 70,000 gold pieces each on the black magic markets of Hyperborea.

Adventurers hoping to visit this world often cross the ancient space time bridges of the Great Race of Yith to reach this world. But often times they are sorry they did. For those that make the crossing often find themselves on the plateau of  Eryx, or the Erycinian Highland,  a vast plateau rising above the primeval rain filled jungles of the low lands. It was here that the Great Race made war with their former masters the Elder Things. Among the ravines & certain grottoes can still be found shoggoths, proto shoggoths, & a wide variety of Elder Thing life forms. There are some rumors of entire lizard men colonies disappearing overnight.

Elder Thing artwork by

Many of the Hyperborean colonies were wiped out when the Green Death plague  swept through Old Venus via the gateways taking many by surprise leaving these colonies as rich pickings for adventurers willing to risk the toxic atmosphere of the world. Only the protection of a 'suit of most excellent survival' can provide the armor class protection of 6 & the ancient super science  recycling systems needed to survive on Old Venus. These suits are very rare and found only in certain ancient Hyperborean or Atlantean vaults.They are worth 20,000 gold pieces each and rarely found with intact flame pistol units. These units are weapons of incredible power able to pour fourth torrents of flame up to a twenty yard radius. They are  capable of doing 1d8 points of damage to anything caught within their line of fire. Save vs device for half damage.
Crossing into the lowlands are a very dangerous affair for the alien lizard men, mushroom beings, giant lizards, and prehistoric life abound. There are even rumors of giant fire breathing Komodo dragons brought by the Hyperboreans to guard their estates now in ruins. To them it was known as Sfanomoe (Venus). 
They revered this world & its giant god thing  which feeds on all things on Sfanomoe.

"There was a night when winds from unknown spaces whirled us irresistibly into limitless vacum beyond all thought and entity. Perceptions of the most maddeningly untransmissible sort thronged upon us; perceptions of infinity which at the time convulsed us with joy, yet which are now partly lost to my memory and partly incapable of presentation to others."
Hypnos HP Lovecraft

Old Venus has other riches to be had such as the incredible wealth of arcane knowledge from the Great Race if one is willing to deal with the grey oozes, ropers, & other hazards of the jungles but by far the most dangerous monster is the god thing known as the immeasurable horror. This monster feeds on all other creatures on Sfanomoe has its being in every corner of the jungle world.

1d20 Random Encounters Table  On Old Venus

  1. 1d10 band of Tendrilled Lizard men warriors 2nd level fighters 
  2. 1d6 Mushroom men on a pilgrimage armed with spears & round shields 
  3. 1d6 3rd level Amazon warriors on a quest to recover treasures from nearby ruins. Armed with  radium pistols. 
  4. 1d8 alien dinosaur like monsters AC 7 Hit points 6 looking for fresh meat 
  5. Giant Roper like alien horror looking feed on adventurers or the unwary 
  6. Giant flying alien bat bug creature (use giant insect stats) 
  7. 1d8 tendriled lizard men pilgrims carrying an energy crystal worth 6000 gold pieces to its resting place in a nearby jungle temple. 5 lizard men guards armed with blow guns
  8. Hyperborean black magician and servants on a mission to recover an ancient artifact. He has 7 skeleton warriors with him. 
  9. An 8th level Ixian necromancer and his undead army of 1d100 skeletons and undead warriors. They are looking to reclaim a nearby temple 
  10. A group of 1d6 elder things lead by an elder thing priest on their way to an ancient temple complex. He can call down a shoggoth of incredibly violent temperament 
  11. Amazon adventurers 2nd level fighters out to collect an energy orb for their settlement's matercial wizard leader 
  12. Giant fungus monster with 1d6 mushroom warriors accompanying it very dangerous and looking for flesh for the fungal vats. 
  13.  1d6 Hyperborean ghouls on a mission from their necrotic god master willing to trade a minor artifact for help
  14. A giant gray ooze on the hunt after its just destroyed a nearby lizardmen village
  15. 1d6 fungal flying monsters on the wing hunting 
  16.    A pack of 1d10  3rd level  slugmen slavers looking for fresh meat to sell to the vat men 
  17.  1d8 lizard men priests 3rd level armed with an energy crystal looking to take out a nearby human settlement headed by a wizard of 6th level 
  18. Giant slug with violet fungus growing on its back on the hunt 
  19. Two lizard men priests on their way to a nearby shrine with an energy crystal worth 5000 gold pieces
  20. A complex mechanism of ancient design on the hunt for humanoids that it can kidnap. Very dangerous and armed with 1d6 energy weapons  
This setting is derivived by me from the works of HP Lovecraft's In the Walls of Eryx & other mythos classics
And Clark Aston Smith's The Immeasurable Horror
All of the above is public domain All ideas and opinions copyrighted & trademarked to the owner of this blog
and Dark Corner Productions Inc.

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