Wednesday, January 11, 2017

And In Unexpected OSR Twist - Hyperborea Ho Down

If you've been following the developments of my quest to establish a brand new venue for my games I've had two emails from some locals who want me to run Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea. First of all thanks for the emails +darkavengers & I'd be happy to run one of my all time favorite systems for you! But how the hell I'm going to explain this twist to my DMing partner? Well, with a phone call!

Well what does this mean to me wanting to run B2 Keep on The Borderlands? Absolutely nothing at all because I can easily modify it to fit AS&SH with little effort. There are several reasons why B2 can easily fit into the mold of Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea :

  1. Isolated & backwater location easily adapted into a nice base from which to venture into the wilds of my version of Hyperborea. The monsters of B2 all have analogs in AS&SH making the fit easy to accomplish. 
  2. An enclosed OSR system with tons of PC classes means that straight out of the box I can keep this game going for years with no real dent on my wallet. I've already run this beast countless times and B2 lends itself to dangerous lands of AS&SH. 
  3. The Caves of Chaos is the perfect place for AS&SH adventurers to cut their teeth & perhaps sneak reference or two of the Temple of Elemental Evil in the background. 
  4. Sword & sorcery with an OSR twist! More of an excuse for me too go back to module adaption commentary of TSR classics on this blog and perhaps slip in a back door plot hook or so. 
  5. Orcs! I love AS&SH's version of orcs and other humanoids! So easily adaptable to a wide variety of pulpy weird little twists! 
  6. So many opportunities to bring home that old school flavor & twist it around with one of my all time favorites. 
So how did I convince my DMing partner to want to run this game system with me? Two words Woolly Mammoths! As soon as he saw these guys in the AS&SH player's guide well he had his concept for a PC!

So Robert & I are on the phone going over the Player's Book and he's looking over the options and so I'm. And this means that I actually get to finally play again! That's right I get to sit down and finally chuck some dice! For me AS&SH is sort of like coming home, the world is familiar, the game system solidly designed and features classes that I know and love.

I've been keeping my options open and while it might be a while before this game starts there are a few things that make me really happy this evening. This blog is reaching folks locally & they're contacting me, there are others in my area with an OSR strain that are interested in playing, & I can move forward with this event. More as it develops!

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