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1d6 Random Minor Sword & Sorcery Artifacts Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Deep within the depths of the black spaces between the stars there are treasures from lost worlds that carry with them the aura of destiny & fortune. These objects are treasures beyond the ken of mankind, treasures  that carry with them the fate of men and women of adventure. These objects are unique but heavy with the weight of the ages.

1d6 Random Minor Sword
& Sorcery Artifacts Table
  1. The Arm Band of  Hrirun'ru - This armband once belonged to one of the royal houses of Atlantis herself & is worth 7000 gold pieces but its true worth is its ability to show the aura of those the owner sees with the artifact's 'sight beyond'. This ability is usable three times per day and acts as a 'know alignment' spell to those within twenty feet of the owner. The owner is also immune to the effects of normal flame when the arm bands abilities are used. One one is sure why this is but there are dangerous rumors.
  2. The Ring of Griid - This ring allows one to remain sightly out of phase with the normal space time continuum & see into a nearby dimension. The owner may blink four times per day and all of their melee attacks are +3 damage to other dimensional foes . The owner of this ring is feared & hated by Lovecraftian monsters. The ring is worth 5000 gold pieces and set with a fine grade aquamarine stone on a mounting of red gold. The owner can also hear whispers of the dead on the wind once per month these are the unquiet voices of the dead who cry out for vengeance beyond the grave. Rumors and sometimes valuable information has a 10% chance of reaching the owner's ears. 
  3. The Locket of Kel - This locket of red gold and Hell rubies made into the shape of a monster's heart once belonged to an monster slayer from Atlantis. It was said to have been fashioned from the tears of an ancient demon lord whose love was murdered by a hero from the ages before man. The locket has the ability to draw down the souls of those killed by the owner. The owner may draw out 1d6 hit points & vital information by asking the trapped soul the answers to questions they have three times per day. The owner of the locket cries tears of slightly acidic blood each time its used and they will have strange whirl like scars from using the locket. There are rumors of a demon hunting for this locket.Its worth 60000 gold pieces
  4. The Staff of Rtruinr - This staff enables the opening three times per day into a dimensional limbo between the black winds allowing a line of sight teleport without error. The staff is a +2 weapon that can cast an aura of protection around those within 16 feet of the owner. The staff was owned by an ancient king of Mu and it retains its aura of power to this day. Its worth 7000 gold pieces
  5. The Bracelet of Ko - This man's bracelet enables one to grab spirits and ghosts as if they were flesh and blood. It is often used to  communicate with the damned and dead three times per day. Made from wrought gold, silver, and shot through with semi precious diamonds this bracelet has the ability to cast protection from evil three times per day. The things is worth 4000 gold pieces buts history makes it far more valuable for it once graced the wrist of the ancient sea kings. 
  6. The Jeweled Prism of Stannus - This prism shows the where about of any demons or devils within a twenty foot radius of the owner. It can also detect any serpent men in disguise as humans when gazed through. The prism is worth 70000 gold pieces to the right collector.

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