Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Crawling Under A Broken Moon Issue 17 - Actual DCC Play Event! Into the Ruins of Seattle!

I received Crawling Under A Broken Moon Issue #17 via email about two days ago & haven't had a chance to review it. So when I got together with some friends this morning instead it was suggested that I actually run it. So I grabbed my copy of Dungeon Crawl Classics & headed over to a friend's house about six.
Bearing in mind that these folks are all experienced DCC players & dungeon masters.

I had just enough time to actually read through issue #17 which has at its core the theme of necromancy, the undead, and Seattle. Its an odd combination to say the least and so we decided to stick with the traditional DCC fantasy types for PC's to save on time. We rolled up any number of PC's and then ran them through a very quick fantasy funnel PC. A patron gathers the PC's for a favor to recover an artifact from the ruins of Seattle and we were off and running.
I had six players with the traditional mix of a fighter, a thief, a wizard, an elf, a cleric & a dwarf all ported into down town ruins. The theme of the crawl was survival, recovery, & dealing with the mutated & undead menace. This is some of what's in this issue:

  • >The Necromancers of the Space Needle and the Land of the Reanimatronic Dead
  • >NecroTech - wondrous items brought to you by cutting edge necromancy
  • >The Wikinomicon - containing a pair of spells to die for
  • >And a slew of new undead beasties to kill your players with

    This explanation from the Crawling Under The Broken Moon blog doesn't really do this issue justice for the sheer weirdness of the material presented as the PC's had to deal with another Seattle theme,coffee. There's a ton of weird references to the stuff & its entirely scattered throughout.
The PC's entered the ruins & ran smack into a trading post in the ruins of an old bus station, an active & very dangerous trading post run by necromancers & full of undead. In fact everything in this issue is support for the ruins of Seattle along with its history, residences, undead, necromancers you might end up doing jobs for and more. The PC almost ended up running afoul of the Grand Synod of the Astroliches, but retreated into the Skullbucks coffee shop run  by Gary the Skeletal Warrior & Krissie his ward. They picked up valuable information nearly bought when a necromancer took a dislike to them. So they headed over to the Undergrunge speak with a  Grunge Mummy artifact dealer. Several minor run ins with undead around the place meant some minor artifacts & alerted the locals that there were strangers in their midst. 

Everything seemed to be going well until one of the PC's pissed off a group of four Nexoskeletons which  are powered armor suits made with un-dead parts and this melee took a good portion of the evening as the PC's dodged, weaved and ran the hell away from these things making their way to Queequeg's Quoffee where they met with their artifact seller. All of this was after a tip from a necrotech dealer in  various weird necrotech artifacts which included Undead grafts,Necro-batteries, and Jaw bolters which one of the PC's was tempted by. 
Their artifact seller didn't have the item but he knew where it was and for a fee he'd tell em. Well they coughed up the dough and found out the orb of Isemy was located inside a former record store turned temple. The thing was guarded by  four Power Wights who fed on the energies of the orb. The dwarf and fighter bit the dust with some unlucky dice rolls against the power wights.
They had the orb but now they had to get to their exit point which was in the
Dead Woods.What they next had to deal with was the Parts Piles which are bunches of undead parts and body pieces scattered around. The cleric came in very handy here then they came across a undead R.A.T. which is a rodent of abnormal talent & size which had been attracted to the other dimensional portal's energies. An undead rat wasn't really all that interesting to the palettes of jaded dungeon masters turned players right? Well when this bastard breathed fire they sat up and took notice!
They fought the undead horror and then dived for the portal and ran home as fast as they could. The players weren't happy with this issue at all or some of the crazy necrotic mutational horrors of Seattle. Crawling Under A Broken Moon Issue #18  was the topic of the smoke break, the meal, and after play conference.
I strongly recommend that you grab this issue if your at all into undead in a post apocalyptic setting.
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