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1d20 Random Deep Encounters With Warriors For Chaos Table For Your Old School Campaigns

When the incursions of Chaos come into the lands of men there are few who are not touched by these forces. Warriors touched by these forces often come taking what they want for evil they have crossed the threshold and become almost forces of nature & an evil to be reckoned with. Warriors for chaos are some of the most dangerous beings parties of adventurers and outlaws can face.They often sport 1d6 mutations picked up in their travels across the planes where the whims and wants of their chaotic patrons move them. These warriors of the wastes are often fighters of 3rd level or above and more then a match for beginning parties. They often have 1d6 relic or artifacts of minor note that they've picked up in their raiding & pillages. Warriors for chaos often come on the heels of a chaos storm of incredible violence and intensity.
Here then are 1d20 encounters to confound and cause your parties grief.

1d20 Random Deep Encounters With Warriors For Chaos Table
  1. 1d6 2nd level tattooed warriors from a strange alien culture on the warpath looking to raid and pillage the locals. They are an advanced scouting party for a far large group of several thousand. They ride things that might have been horses once but have been twisted and changed they are armed with short bows & Calvary swords they wear leather armor and have several alien severed heads as a trophies. 
  2. 1d10 lightly armed chariots drawn by weird horse like reptile mounts, the two warrior drivers and spear throwers are armed with light sears & Greek fire. They travel fast and the warriors are 2nd level fighters also armed with short swords. 
  3. 1d4 outlaw mutant scouts are riding on giant dragon flies and are armed with short bows and sling shots. They will attack anything on sight and have murder on their minds. 
  4. A gang of dangerous tattooed cut throats armed with throwing daggers, boomerangs and sling shots riding giant mutated men. They are 3rd level fighters and fight to the death, they are advanced scouts for a chaos cult's army. 
  5. 1d6 former musketeers who have mutated into hideous mutant beastmen, they seek to slay anyone they run across they are armed with swords, small round shields, and pistols. They ride ghostly mounts and will murder anyone they can. 
  6. 1d4 scouts riding on giant bats and sporting lances with poisoned tips. They are very dangerous and deranged. 
  7. A group of outlaws and cut throats riding nigntmare like mutated horses that wants to kill a rival mutant. There are 1d6 of these mutants and they are armed with swords and shields. They hate normal humans. 
  8.  There is a group of 1d10 mutated cannibals on horse back who are raiding for slaves for depraved demonic masters
  9.  A ring of 1d20 murderous priests wants sacrifices for his hungry god thing at the bottom of a local chasm. The beast grants limited sorcererous power for any sacrifices made for the dangerous supernaturals power 
  10. A deadly power of chaotic energies has summoned a cult of 1d20 outlaws to murder and rob in its name. These fools have begun to sport the mutations of their calling. 
  11. 1d20 mutants on the backs of something that might have been a horse are armed with spears and want to hunt normals. 
  12. 1d6 5th level hunters sport 1d6 mutaions that marks them as scions of the choatic hunter god thing who moves across the planes 
  13. A single warrior carries the burden of a demon sword he wields is leading him to kill and maim until he finds the heart of chaos. 
  14. 1d8 Elves who have been poisoned by their exposure to the forces of chaos. They seek to kill anyone they come across because of their insanity. 
  15. A group entity that might have been a group of Dwarven but became one under the aspect of chaos. They seek to slay anyone they come across for their valuables. They have a cache of  gold is safe for them to pick up later 4 miles away.
  16. A gang of 1d6 4th level mutants hound the trails of some dangerous sport to kill and take back to their demonic masters. 
  17. 1d8 chaos priests turned warriors ride giant mammoths and seek a holy relic of chaos from the remains of their victims. They have lots of goodies from their raids. 
  18. A dangerous gang of scouts and thieves seeks to crush their enemies in any way they could, so they've undergone mutations. 
  19. 1d8 +2 chaos cultists ride on the backs of strange reptile beasts and seek to slay anyone they say that feeds the fires of order and time. 
  20.  1d100 naked chaos warriors armed with swords and covered with wode seeks to slay and murder in their name of their foul demonic patron. They will try to bargain with the souls of their pray in exchange for the rite of mutation. Very dangerous and murderous beings.

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