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1d6 Random Minor Treasures & Adventure Hooks Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are objects & relics that hold special significance to some, objects though of seemingly little value actually hold the keys of fate for others. This objects can lead to greater wealth, hooks in the skeins of fate, or fates worse then death itself.

These objects often times appear in hoards & other recovered items of treasures but they often carry with them a mystical aura of magic that alerts those forces that seek such items. These factions are often dangerous or potentially magically powerful factions. These auras can sometimes 30% chance of being detected by a detect magic spell or by certain powerful mystical seers.

1d6 Random Minor Treasures
& Adventure Hooks Table

  1.  The Ring of Crown's Cross - This rather large ring of gold and inlaid silver has upon it a strange geas for the thing seeks the rightful heir of an ancient kingdom. Its worth only 100 gold pieces but with its strange sigils & writing in high Hyperborean it clearly outlines that it belongs to an ancient blood line. The relic will seek out the rightful heir by a series of odd twists of fate to find him or her. But be warned that who so ever finds this ring will be sought out to be murdered by a guild of assassins that have an ancient and terrible blood feud with the royal line. A team of 1d8 highly trained and motivated assassins will seek to murder the owner in their sleep and claim their soul. 
  2. The Box of Belour This small casket style box once housed an ancient demon's soul & now houses a fist sized ruby that grew around the black essence of this other worldly monster. The ruby is worth a small fortune about 7000 gold pieces but the ruby contains the soul of a horrid demon from the Outer Darkness. There will be 1d8 damned souls charged with seeking and recovering this box with the ruby in it. Treat these as free willed and intelligent zombies. The box in the hands of a trained necromancer of at least third level may temporarily banish the Damned back to their hellish black void. The minor demon make seek the owner out himself to recover this box and his soul.
  3. The Crown of Morta'Shei This ancient silver and iron crown is actually the property of a lost race and it is able to recall the lives of anyone who once wore it three times per day. This acts as a crystal ball and is able to confer the wisdom of hundreds of rulers of the Morta'Shei clan. But the undead ghosts of the clan's greatest enemies want to prevent the crown from entering the world of men once again. There are seven arch specters who seek the crown and end the return of the crown's influence upon the world of men. The owner can also see the spirits of the dead and once per day speak with the dead. 
  4. The Paints Of the Hunter This vessel of sealed paint is the only thing that prevents an ancient demon from entering the world of mankind once again. The paint can be used to create an ancient dimensional door into another dimension where the hunter demon awaits. The paint can also be used to create pieces of art that insure a successful hunt for a full season. The paint is worth a mere hundred gold pieces but to the right tribe they are priceless. They are usually found in vessels of three or four in isolated caves. The cult of the hunter seeks these paints whenever they are found for they are drawn to them. These cults cause murder, wanton destruction, and horror wherever they go. 
  5. The Sword of the Cat This +1 sword once belonged to the lord of the lions & was a gift from an ancient god. The sword allows its owner not only improved reflexes, dark vision, & improved tracking abilities but they can turn into a small lion once per day. The sword is sought by two cults of chaos who wish to murder any owners of the sword. 
  6. The Diamond of Mong - This ancient diamond is actually the fused ashes of a god thing from another age. The diamond allows the owner to create life like illusions up to five times a day. These are mere shadows of the former power of the diamond. A pack of demonic mercenaries has been seeking the time when the diamond is found. They will know when the diamond is uncovered and begin their eternal hunt once again. They will stop at nothing to recover this object and no deed is too debased for these fiends.

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