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1d8 Random Dangerous Lovecraftian Demonic Patrons Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Rel 'The Strong' the red Martian mercenary checked his gun for the seventh time and nothing had changed with the ammo, the mechanisms, or the gun itself.  'Why are we in this part of the frelling wastelands?'
'We are tracking a mad man whose trying to get a hold of one of the lost talismans of Woe.' , Hashic Vro Tholian occultist's  answer was polite & straight to the point as usual.
'Do we have to be out in this heat & in the mid day?'
'Friend Rel, we will lose the element of surprise & the wizard will have our souls  if we don't'
And that's when the air shimmered & the first of the Lovecraftian demons appeared!
'I knew this was going to be a bad day' Rel managed to say in the shadow of the Martian ruins as the screams of the damned started!

There are  demons out in the void of space between the planets that dwell in the darkness of the asteroids. Foul & slippery things that no sane man likes to talk about. Wizards don't even think their names. There are whispers of course, there are always whispers in the back alley canteens & bars among the red sand haunted deserts of Mars. Tales,rites, & snippets of wisdom are told over strong brew & gold coins are exchanged in back alley temples.
These are demons that sometimes haunt the red sands of Mars in men dreams as well as  the weird reality of the here & now. They glide through  the ruins, the old dead sea bottom lost cities, and anyplace where the hand of man has been. Wizards often come to them for advice or worse. Many fools summon these horrors for the possible insights into dangerous relics or lost spells. More of the fool who takes them on as a demonic patron or foul master.

These beings are only half 'real' with a good portion of their bodies being made of the non corporeal substance of the Outer Void. Many of these horrors have the standard abilities of a higher ranking demon via the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual or Dungeon Master's Guide. They love nothing more then  to slip between the cracks of reality to cause mayhem on the mortal planes & sup on the souls of men & near men.

. "Like Atal in distant Ulthar, he strongly advised against any attempts to see them; declaring that they are testy and capricious, and subject to strange protection from the mindless Other Gods from Outside, whose soul and messenger is the crawling chaos Nyarlathotep. Their jealous hiding of the marvellous sunset city shewed clearly that they did not wish Carter to reach it, and it was doubtful how they would regard a guest whose object was to see them and plead before them. No man had ever found Kadath in the past, and it might be just as well if none ever found it in the future. Such rumours as were told about that onyx castle of the Great Ones were not by any means reassuring."
The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath  (1943)  by H.P. Lovecraft

 1d8 Random Dangerous Lovecraftian Demonic Patrons  Encounter table 
  1. Jubrsuth The Wise - This minor demon lord loves to eat his victims eyes out by the score. He's got 1d7 specters waiting for the souls of  adventurers and outlaws. This demon has type G treasure taken from the lowest vaults of the Underworld.
  2. Shimorg- A minor demon lord who was created from a fallen Elder God, this demon is a mercenary hunting for the souls of wizards & dreamers who have tried to gaze at the be beginning of all creation. He moves from one mind to another possessing the bodies and liquefying the flesh of his victims after 1d8 months.
  3. Thitha - A succubus lady who was once a goddess of Carthage but fell from favor after it was discovered that her mystery cult used the inner contents of intestines for prophecy. She fled to the Outer Darkness where she has been feed on the corpses of the banished Outer Gods. Through their flesh she has great knowledge of black rites & forbidden knowledge. She will grant 2 levels of black magick in exchange for the mistress of the wizard. She hooks her fools with promises of new levels of forbidden pleasure & realities.
  4.  Grcheth Gutu- None is sure what this horror's appearance is but he is the illegitimate off spring of an Outer God & a monster. He can cloak himself in reality shattering illusions borne from the dreams of mad wizards & fools. His true appearance is an insane blob of rolling roiling flesh. He can grant three spells per day but will want strange and horrid favors from his magi.
  5. The Wretched Otha Sanglaz -This demon is all that remains of an angel that fought one of the last battles against the Outer Gods. He has become a horror beyond compare and changes from his true form to that of a nuclear horror every three turns. His mastery over magical energies is beyond compare and he will teach the wizard the secrets of black alchemy in exchange for 1d8 dreams, memories, and songs.
  6. The Undying Bethazgo- A horror who regenerates again and again because it exists at the beginning of the universe and at its end. The thing is a sort of wretched patron of time travelers & is made up of an infinite level of mini universes as its tortured flesh. The thing can grant three time stops per day but will add the PC to its 'flesh' after 1d8 years. It also has a cache or three of beloved type F treasure. The treasured remains of past 'friends' and souls.
  7. That Which Is Unspeakable Imangothelarin - The patron of forgotten technologies & horrors beyond compare. This being is all that remains of a god who existence was broken in the war of the Threshold. Once summoned it will grant 1d10 minor relics of technologies that will wreck and ruin the lives of its wizard. It is served by 1d6 succubi of the lowest common denominator who will come to share bits and pieces of forbidden black magick with the wizard.
  8.  Auirmela The Father of Ghasts & Patron of Lost Necromancers - This being is made up of hundreds of souls of black wizards who served in the wars that created the underworld of the dreamland thousands of years ago. Its fouls stench haunts the lowest parts of the planes spawning ghasts through its oozing flesh spreading ghoul plague in its wake. That being said its necrotic magick knowledge is beyond compare and it will grant 1d6 spells of necrotic might to its summoner. It is a being that craves the company of wizards  but whose revelations are horrid. The thing will be accompanied by 1d10 ghoulish wizards who are also its servants. It may grant 1 level of necromancy in exchange for some horrid deed or action on the part of the wizard. The sign of Koth will banish it back to the Underworld of the Dreamlands.

"That place is deader than an Egyptian morgue," observed Harper.
"Certainly it is far more ancient," Octave assented. "According to the most reliable legends, the Yorhis, who built Yoh-Vombis, were wiped out by the present ruling race at least forty thousand years ago."
"There's a story, isn't there," said Harper, "that the last remnant of the Yorhis was destroyed by some unknown agency—something too horrible and outrĂ© to be mentioned even in a myth?"

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