Saturday, August 26, 2017

Shrine of the Serpent, Aztec Mummies, Tegel Manor, & Tonight's Actual Play Event

As the strange manor continues it strange & weird journey the PC's in tonight's game managed to penetrate some of the inner mysteries of Tegel Manor when they stumbled upon the proto Aztec shrine of Cihuacoatl. And some of its horrid secrets!

In tonight's Tegel Manor game event  the PC's managed to find one of the various hidden shrines in the inner workings of the manor. This was the shrine of the serpents, a place where one of the islander slaves taken by the pirates was about to be sacrificed to a very dark & dangerous aspect of Cihuacoatl. The PC's descended down a flight of hidden stairs & fought off some ghosts of ancient black clerics of serpent aspect.

Photo by Rosemania

I'm not entirely sure if it was the slave or the rich offering of purple crystals on the alter that attracted their attention. They managed to free the slave/sacrifice  but the priestess of the dark goddess got away. They did get a few of the glowing crystals before the giant stone doors closed on them. A pack of serpent style mummies were released as the shrine's doors closed & the weird piping organ music began to play.

The PC's put up a good show of themselves & the rest of the evening was taken up with putting down the weird serpent mummies then checking for any more tricks or traps. The party got back to their room and barricaded themselves inside.

Everything involving the serpent religion in tonight's adventure was created using Rafael Chandler's Obscene Serpent Religion on the fly Saturday afternoon before last night's game.There are several reasons for this:
  1. This is a pay what you want adult tool kit perfect for creating background and details on serpent based religion. 
  2. Fast & ease of use are two of the words here that come when using Obscene Serpent Religion. 
  3. As I've said before this is a metastatic awesomeness dripping with the bile of a thousand serpents echoing from a forgotten age! 
  4. All of the details and none of the guilt, this title can generate a nasty and dangerous sword & sorcery serpent cult very quickly with some very grim and nasty details. 
  5. Clues can be generated using OSR as needed & that's exactly what I did tonight. 
  6. OSR can add serpent based details to a variety of old school monsters including the mummies in tonight's game.
  7. Because this is a Lamentations of the Flame Princess based title it works with AS&SH. 
  8. Aztec mummies are cool and with a bit of wrangling with OSR fit some nasty parameters. 
  9. OSR's content volume can be fiddled with to suit the DM as needed. 
  10. I have a physical copy and OSR fits my needs for this week's play arch.

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