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1d6 Random Encounters With Adventurers From Beyond The Planar Winds Table For Your Old School Campaigns

When Old Earth became a restless memory & the hidden things crawled back from the hidden places there were those lost to the world winds. Adventurers,outlaws, & fools who were trapped 'elsewhere'. Often these fools bring with them horrors beyond the pale of man that have taken an unhealthy interest in feeding on them.These horrors sense the thread of destiny on them. They long to feed on their souls & swallow them to draw upon them for all eternity. Those who get involved with them are doomed too share in their fates, but often times few can heed their cries of help. They are brought hither and yon by the winds of madness only to share in the doom of the cold Hells beyond the worlds of man.

What hast thou seen, O wind,
Of beauty or of terror,
Surpassing, denied to us,
That with precipitate wings,
Mad and ecstatical,
Thou spurnest the hollows and trees
That offer thee refuge of peace,
And findest within the sky
No safety nor respite
From the memory of thy vision?

Often times there other far more unscrupulous traders, scavengers, & the like who employ necromancers & black wizards to read the stars of the damned to find these poor souls. For they then seek them out to rob & strip them of their valuable 'Old Earth' relics & artifacts. These parasites are called 'Vultures' and they are the bane of such damned souls. Each adventurer or party that has been lost to the winds of madness will have 1d20 relics and artifacts worth from 100,000 to 300,000 gold pieces. But this is a fools errant because often these vultures end up become prey themselves to the horrors that pursue & murder the damned. An alien demon of type four  or better will be hot on the heels of such a party of the doomed.

1d6 Random Encounters
With Adventurers From Beyond The Planar Winds Table
  1. Captain Carl Nash & crew have been on the run from something that's been picking off his crew for months now (Its actually been over a hundred years 'real time'). He has a pair of valuable custom made blasters 1d8+4 and his crew of adventurers are equipped with disintegrator rods for 1d6+2 with a twenty foot radius. His crew is being chased by a Lovecraftian demon that they disturbed in orbit around Mars. They'll be shocked at the state of Earth if that's where this encounter takes place. 
  2. Natasha Corbin an African/Russian adventuress & renegade captain of her own crew of space cut throats (1st level fighters) are on the run from something that has been absorbing her crew over the past year. They have laser crossbows, silver short swords, and some grenades but this horror can appear almost anywhere. They seem ragged and almost cursed by their fate. 
  3. Naz Grulra - A half human/mutant of Chinese descent she has been heroically saving her crew from the horror that has run them from Mercury to Jupiter and now here. They have a 500,000 gold piece artifact that has enabled a spawn of Cthulhu to track them half way across eternity. She needs help but even they feel there's no hope. Some of her men have started to give up. 
  4. Lar BrU'rau - A red  Martian adventurer whose band of pirates robbed the wrong space liner and acquired a soul gem of an ancient prince from Uranus. The prince's soul is guarded by a demon from beyond the Outer Darkness & the pirates are in a bad way. They have a 50,000 gold piece treasure on them but they're blasters don't seem to do all that much. The demon has been toying with them for ages. 
  5. Larra El - A strange adventuress from a doomed world with her crew that has been pursued across seven worlds. She is armed with a named weapon of alien design that takes out the dimensional hounds that feast on the souls of her crew but these alien wolf like things are lean, hungry, and very dangerous! She has 1d6 minor artifacts upon her person that she'll bargain with but these things want her bad for their demonic mistress!! 
  6. A crew of 'Old Earth Ancients' is pursue of their princess whose run afoul of a nasty Lovecraftian demon lord. They have over 400,000 gold pieces worth of relics on them that they will bargain with the party for but there is a nasty set of winged horrors capable of slicing through an ether ships hull on their heels! They need help or else their doomed!

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