Saturday, August 26, 2017

New OSR Lovecraftian Monster Race- The Neh'kegnygl For Your Old School Campaigns

When the first of the 'Ubbo-Sathla's gene plagues' swept across the face of the Old Earth, there arose strange chimera which had not been seen in eons. The elephantine ogres once again roamed across the world with their strange tusk like ornaments, they are the  tenders & shepherds of the scared mammoth herds. They are most common near the Russian basin. This is where they have reared their hinges & stone piles to their ancient version of Zhothaqquah (Tsathoggua). These trails follow the ancient migration paths & trace out giant glyphs of symbols weird & terrible meaning.


The Neh'kegnygl often sweep en mass on human villages and other settlements in raiding parties to murder in the names of their dark masters. These sacred & bizarre events always align with the coming of the pole star in the night sky. The will slaughter every man, woman, and child in bizarre & violent rites during the evening when the stars align. Why is not known but they leave behind strange ivory carvings as offerings to the gods of
Cykranosh. These weird humanoids have a flourishing trade with the Voormis & often engage in tribal rites together at the end of the planting seasons.
The  Neh'kegnygl are the primal enemies of  the 
and the two often engage in protracted ritual wars which humans are advised to stay away from these strange & violent rites. Violence seems to mean little to the  Neh'kegnygl  who are able to regenerate to certain degree due to their inhuman & alien natures. They regenerate 3 hit points a turn when in a blood or berserk fury.

The Neh'kegnygl are often hunted for their ivory tusks & will mount traps, dead falls, & other ambushes for hunters. These are seen as merely another opportunity to offer sacrifice to the gods of the Outer Void.  The Neh'kegnygl are a pragmatic & yet dangerous people trading with the long lobed Hyperboreans of the Russian basin, the wastelands of Merica, & the ruins of Europe. They often collect & make treasure mounds to attract mates during the rutting season, the most desirable males are those with the largest treasure piles. This makes them prime targets for outlaws & adventurers who don't realize that this sacred rite is also a part of the sacraments of the Neh'kegnygl. 

The Neh'kegnygl Elephant Ogres 

No Encountered :2d4 

Alignment: Lawful Evil 
Movement: 30


Armor Class:6 

Hit Dice: 10+6 

No. Attacks:1(gore)or 2 (Weapon)

Damage:1d10+3 or (per weapon+3)

Saving Throw:12 




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