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'Old Earth' Adventure Location 'The Ruins of Londonium' For Your Old School Campaigns

Londonium was one of the most prosperous cities of 'Old Earth' but it is now one of the dangerous wasteland mega ruin locations. The domain of giant monsters,mutants, & worse. The city holds some of the richest relic hordes on the planet of old technologies, relics, and more. It is also one of the last locations that holds a working FTL ether craft in existence. The problem is not only Londonium the home to giant mutated prehistoric monsters but this is the domain of the Green Horde.

Londonium was once the central hub of much of the super science & sorcery of Old Earth, it has become a hotly contested arena for various mutant overlords and factions. But they soon become a meal for one of Old Earth's most dangerous undead horrors the Green Horde. A byproduct of bygone military terror weapons program gone array the horde are creatures of horrid unending appetites. Those who venture into the Londonium ruins seldom come out.

The Green Horde

No. Enc.: 1d6
Alignment:Choatic evil
Movement: 40 feet
Armor Class:6
Hit Dice:
Attacks: 2 Slash, Acidic Bite 
Damage: 1d6, 1d6, 1d8 
Save: F8
Morale: 10
They are immune to Charm or Sleep and unaffected by illusions.

The Green horde is a tribe of reptilian like undead horrors that were created  a weaponized mix of demon & ogre blood strains. They can rip a man in seconds & come back for more, they're appetites know no bounds. They can consume every part of a corpse in a matter of moments because of powerful stomach acids. The members of the horde are a demonic hive mind able dimly conceive one another's thoughts telepathically making them all the the more dangerous. They are intelligent & very dangerous with eighteen double zero strength making them able to rip through soft metals with easy. The Green Horde can be turned as standard undead but they will later regroup and redouble efforts to murder the priest or cleric. Those bitten by the horde members will receive horrid acidic wounds that can only be healed by expensive magick or super science.

The green horde is always at war with another faction of undead that makes the Londonium ruins its home, the tribes fleshless ones are some of the most dangerous creatures anyone can encounter. They are highly intelligent skeletal looking undead mutant creatures that seemed to have evolved with us. These monsters hate adventurers, the living, and the Green Horde with a vengeance bordering on insanity.

The Fleshless Ones set up various cults, magick cabals, & worse to godlike entities of the Outer Darkness, the Beyond, and even some of the lesser known Hells themselves. They are cruel, evil, and totally without mercy but they also possess knowledge of relics & artifacts going back centuries.
Fleshless Ones

No. Enc.: 1d6
Alignment:Chaotic evil
Armor Class:6
Hit Dice:3
Attacks: By weapon 
Damage: 1d4, 1d4,weapon,Constitution Drain   
Save: F8
Morale: 9
All undead immunities making them  immune to Charm or Sleep and unaffected by illusions.
Fleshless Ones have Dark Vision because of their undead connection.

The Fleshless Ones are a mutant/undead tribe of beings that has been plaguing humanity since the beginning of time. They undead horrors that hate all other beings living, undead, & even demonic but have several rites of necomatic magick that allows them to pass among the living. These undead horrors increase their number by infecting the living with a powerful radioactive magick from the Negative Material plane or with artifacts from the twisted dimension known as 'the Beyond'. Only powerful magick or expensive super science has any hope of saving a victim.
These diabolical bastards have a twisted unholy thirst for the blood and flesh of the living which absorb through their bones. Each round they wound the living with bony claws the suck up 1d4 points of constitution. They are greedy for the blood and gore of the living. These creatures revel in it as a part of the twisted rites to their unholy demonic or Lovecraftian patrons. The Fleshless Ones often have weapons or relics on their person or nearby to cause the maximum carnage to the living for this purpose! They are foul undead mutant horrors that can be turned by only the most holy of men & women. They loath and fear such beings with a burning passion. There have been reports of Fleshless Ones found on temples on the moons of Saturn. These will most likely be powerful necromancers or other black wizards of the most foul stripe imaginable. 
The Fleshless Ones of Londonium compete with the tribes of Green Hordes for human & humanoid resources as well as magick power making them a most hated enemy.
The Fleshless Ones have managed to open a portal beneath St Barthemows into the lower depths of 'the Outer Void Hell' making them the leading power so far in Londonium.

This post was inspired by this poem from Clark Ashton Smith

'Neath blue days, and gold, and green,
Blooms the glorious land serene,
Flaming shields of dawns between;
And the rapt white flowers suffice
To illume
With their bright eyes
Fluctuant ecstatic gloom
'Twixt the fallen emerald sun
And the unrisen azure one.

But the season of the night
Comes in all the suns' despite;
And, ah, gorgeous then their sorrows
At departure into morrows
Of remoter lands forgot—
Until now remembered not
For the lovelier flowers of this,
And each lake's pure lucency,
And recalled regretfully,
Regretfully, for leaving this.

In the star-possess├Ęd night
The land knows another light—
All the small and evil rays
Of the sorcerous orbs ablaze
With ecstatical intense
Hate and still malevolence—
Dwelling on the fields below
From the ascendancy of even
Till the suns, re-entering heaven,
Glorify with triple glow
The dim flowers smitten low.

Ah, not cold, or kind, as ours,
The stars of those remotest hours !
Peace and pallor of the flowers
They have fevered, they have marred
With the poison of their light,
With distill├Ęd bale and blight
Of a red, accurst regard:
All the toil of sunlight hours
They undo
With their wild eyes—
Eldritch and ecstatic eyes,
Stooping timeward from the skies,
Burning redly in the dew.

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