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New OSR Lovecraftian Monster Race -The N'naclleph For Your Old School Campaigns

"One was a snarling, murderous, cat-headed monster, with retracted lips revealing formidable fangs, and eyes that glared intolerable hatred from beneath ferine brows. This creature had the claws and wings of a griffin, and seemed as if it were poised in readiness to swoop down on the city of Vyones, like a harpy on its prey."

Clark Ashton Smith, The Maker Of Gargoyles
Photo by Pipolchap

There have always been monsters stalking fringes of reality, monsters of tooth, claw, & anti spirit that have always hunted the human soul. These horrors usually are at the beck & call of the other gods or the Great Old Ones but some packs of these monsters stalk between the spaces of the night. These monsters hunt the wastelands & wildernesses of 'Old Earth' killing where & when they want to. They come to the lonely places & fringe ruins for the souls of fortune hunters & fools as these are their favorite prey.
These creatures are formed from the reflected mockery of human dreams violence  & the evil intelligence of murder filtered through the lens of the Outer Darkness. The process is a natural one with strange essences forming into these vicious life forms. They create their own bodies  that draw the cast off dust of a million planets to form the lean forms of insanity & hate. Down through the other dimensional angles they come to Old Earth drawn down the routes of old magick. They come to hunt the flesh & souls of men but these are monsters whose very existence mocks life. They are immune to the sleep, charm,& mind affecting spells.
They hunt at night galloping on the air & taking on prey much bigger then themselves. These mad alien bastard creations hunt in packs of 1d6 individuals attracted to areas of corruption & black magick. They have a deep & abiding connection with the negative material plane through which they also have an association with death. They attack with a fang hold which drains 2 points of Constitution per round. But this is only the beginning of these horror's hold of depravity on their victims. 

Wounds created by these horrors are infectious with a 60% of turning gangrene if their not treated magically because of the alien fungus & rime left behind by the bite of these monsters. Since they are only partially material in our universe +1 or better weapons are needed to hurt them.  The N'naclleph leave behind a horrid form of russet mold in the wake of their passing. The stuff seems to live in symbiosis with the rock like alien flesh of these monsters.
These horrors are sacred to
the Great Old One Rhan-Tegoth, Thamogorgos, & Aforgomon. Anyone slain by packs of these horrors have their souls divided among these entities to supped upon for eternity. 
These horrors when summoned by simple summon monster rite often rage & howl for the souls of mortals. They are angry creatures who hate mortal life with an undying passion and often will eat the souls of summoner or wizard then going on sprees of insanity, murder, & mayhem leaving behind the sign of Koth in blood & gore  as a warning of their passing. The N'naclleph have been found on 'Old Earth', the asteroid fields, the far side of Mercury, & many of the worldlets around Jupiter. There is a standing bounty of 30,000 gold pieces for the head any black wizard who summons these horrid things with proof of such a summoning.

The N'naclleph
No Encountered :1d8
Alignment: Chaotic Evil 
Size: M 
Movement: 30 (fly 50) 
Dexterity 14 
Armor Class: 4 
Hit Dice:5 
No Attacks: 3 Claw/Claw/ Bite
Damage: 1d4/1d4/1d6
Saving throw: 16 
Morale: 12 
Treasure: C 
Surprises on 4 in 6 chance because PC's believe its a statue 
+1 or better to hit 
Immune to sleep,charm, & most mind affecting spells 
 Bite  drains 2 points of Constitution per round. Wounds created by these horrors are infectious with a 60% of turning gangrene if their not treated magically because of the alien fungus & rime left behind by the bite of these monsters.
PC's have a 40% chance of contracting russet mold on their possessions or equipment after engaging the
N'naclleph in melee.

Like a worm-fretted visage from the tomb,
The moon unswathes her hollow, shrunken head,
Launching such light as foulders on the dead
From pallid skies more death-like than the gloom.
Under her beams the breasted lands assume
Dead hues, and charnel shapes unceremented;
And shadows that towering sepulchers might shed
Move livid as the shadows on dials of doom.

On hills like tumuli, and waters mute,
A whiteness steals as of a world made still
When reptant Death at last rears absolute—
An earth now frozen by malefice of eyes
Aeonian dooms and realm-deep rigors fill—
The gaze of that Medusa of the skies

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