Saturday, August 5, 2017

Pirates, Smuggling, Slavery, & Sword & Sorcery Strangeness - An Actual Play Report For Tegel Manor

So its Saturday & its time once again for my Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea game game tonight. The game might be delayed until Monday but this is going to be a wait and see issue because at the moment I'm swamped with work.So its a bit of a wait & see issue at the moment as I write this. But now back onto what's happening in Tegel Manor or my twisted version of it. You may have noticed a plethora of blog posts with Old Solar Systems & Old Earth themes. This wasn't an accident my friends.

The last time we played Night's Dark Tear a sword with a very twisted history has been found by one of the PC's along with the gauntlet that wields it. Night's Tear (for short) is a sword that once housed the spirit of a Hyperborean princess/necromancer it was carried by her true love a Hyperborean king. But that was thousands of years ago before the coming of the great plagues. The sword has deep connections to the Outer Darkness and the Negative Material plane but no ego or evil left to fuel it. The powers are there but they're a mere shadow of what the sword once was. What and how those connections overlap with the Rump family only time and your DM know.
There are currently six things happening right now in tonight's game.
  1. The party has encountered several sinister spectres & ghosts with past life interests hover over the Islands of Purple Haunted Putrescence 
  2. There are deep Lovecraftian connections in the house and its grounds. Perhaps this is why the house itself rides the star winds from dimension to dimension. It isn't the reason but its a nice thought. 
  3. The Rumps have some very sinister connections to slavery, and may unsavory things in Hyperborea .
  4. There have been several out of time finds already in the house and a corpse of some adventurer from another time has been found. 
  5. The house itself has an agenda for one of the PC's on a personal level and the pirates have yet to be encountered. Who are they really working for? 
  6. Sir Tristan's party has its own personal agenda within the quisi Roman style manor of Tegel .
The deeper into the bowels of Tegel manor the PC's penetrate the more apparent that things are not what they were expecting. Even if someone owns 'Tegel manor' its very easy for a DM to modify it as they see fit. I've taken some of the smuggling, piracy, and other sea going elements & added a bit of a 'Sinister Secret of Salt Marsh' & 'Isle of Dread' connection here with various  NPC's from those modules being mentioned by name in this campaign arch. This will allow me to throw some very weird twists into future campaign arches coming up for the Fall & Winter.

From deep down with the bowels of the dungeon a harpsicord plays & the music will feature heavily in tonight's game. The fact is that Tegel is as much DYI D&D kit as it is adventure. Since the influences are already there I'm bring in a bit of the classic Adams family television vibe  to give it that creep factor. The player's minds will do the rest.

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