Sunday, May 14, 2023

Angels Above & Demons Below - Hostile/Kosmos 68 Game Session Report

 Tonight our group got together for a round of our Hostile/Kosmos 68 game campaign where we found our party on Abyss doing a bit of black OP's against the Soviets. 

High above Abyss sits the Orca a corporate Rokke Class Research Vessel that belongs to the head of the Science division of the Matsuyama corporation. No one is sure why he's there and his vessel is several technological levels above other Hostile starships. The vessel & her crew are all hand made and hand picked. 

At stake on Abyss is the fact that the Russians months ago have entered the fray on the side of the Chinese corporations as mercenaries. No one is sure why the Russians are there except to shore up support for the Chinese criminal sydicates and act as ore pirates. 
So our little party's mission is to figure out how deep the Soviet influence runs. We're serving aboard two submarines while running interference on largest island city. Our runners are plugged into the local grid while we've hired local street samurai to act as bodyguards. 
The players in tonight's game felt as if they were facing down the Soviet SSB & think that there might be far more going on below the waters of Abyss. During tonight's game the party almost bought it when some of the local wildlife decided to give them a bit of a scare and turn. 

What the player's PC's found tonight didn't help thier love of the Soviets in our Abyss campaign. The PC's were able to find a bouy that the Soviets had left behind in Chinese controlled terrority. They dived on the spot with thier submarines and found a Soviet wreck on the bottom. What they came across is a wreckage of submarine sitting on a deep underwater reef. And in tonight's game they recovered the remains of a Soviet robotic unit. The party's technician was able to do a brain & memory bank recovery. And now the party is on it's way back to port to bring the memory bank into a cybernetic expert in the capital city. Meanwhile  corporate eyes are watching from above! 

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