Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Sub Umbra By The Red Room - The Conspiracy Tightens

 "While researching for a book on secret societies and occult sects at the library of a 19th-century eccentric millionaire, a Portuguese journalist found evidence that the Knights of Christ (the order that succeeded the Knights Templar in Portugal) had retained much of the esoteric lore from the disbanded Templars. However, this was merely the surface-level finding."

"The records of a 17th-century Portuguese knight revealed the Order of Christ's progress in harnessing ancient knowledge to manipulate telluric currents from the Axis Mundi,  the supposed centre of the world or the universe. This discovery has the potential to unlock a power that had been lost to the world. 

So the implications of Sub Umbra if used with the Wretched Darkness rpg are huge. This sacred occult knowledge cycles into the world of the 90's. And things go from bad to worse on planet Ear
th. So where does this leave the ordinary masses in the Wretchedverse?! Well if we're using Rpg Pundit's Invisilble College rpg as a resource & supplement then this is just another Saturday night. 

What if there were occult tools that could put the lowly humans on a more equal footing with the vampires, and werewolves of Wretched Darkness?! Well in the folk magick section of  the  Invisilble College rpg there are many folk magick rituals that can give the shamans, rural, and even the European occultists a bit of an edge to them. The supernatural  forces of  Sub Umbra are of such that almost all of the major conspircies of the Invisible College are going to jerk thier collective heads around in one swoop. This isn't World of Darkness here. The PC's have just gone to ground in a head wanking moment and thier going to have every power in the world gunning for them. Is this scenario even survivable?! 
I've been looking into Sub Umbra & Wretched Darkness for months now. And the twists and turns here from an occult point of view are pretty nasty. The PC's are going to have to do some real low down deals to survive this.Even using The Invisible College as a basis & supplement. This sorta of a campaign is right down there with some of the original Kult rpg games we played back in the early 00's. 
The implications of a world churning conspiracy means that the PC's really are going to have to be absolutely wretched & complete bastards. That's not a joke at all. Recent conversations with my players have me looking deeper into combining the Invisible College and Wretched Darkness together. But what this actually means is going to be something that has be experienced. 

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