Friday, May 5, 2023

Review & Commentary On 'Vitulya Reborn' By The Red Room For The Wretched Bastards Second Edition Rpg

Vitulya Reborn is a scenario – which could easily be developed into a whole campaign – for Wretched Bastards, inspired by HBO’s series Rome, centred on thethe plans of Gaius Vitulius, who is plotting to invade the neighbouring kingdoms of Helvetii and Riget.The player characters are mid-level army officers  within the Vitulyan forces who will face the challenges of executing the invasion under the command of their superiors while dealing with the political intrigue and military strategy involved (48 pages)" 

Vitulya Reborn is a fifty page mini campaaign from the Red Room.  Vitulya Reborn  covers the secoond editioon of the Wretched Bastards Rpg pretty well. 
And gives a very different slant to the usual tropes of D&D style adventures by concentrating on the twists & turns of a 'Sword & Sandals' style adventure. By twists & turns we're talking a full on slave revolt, political intrigue, and much more. Did I mention that the players are going to have to really be bastards to survive the adventure elements that are thrown at them as a party. 
PC's in 
Vitulya Reborn are going to be in for a wild romp where they are going to have to face down the worst of the worst within the adventure and without the Roman style world that the Red Room has laid out. 
What I mean by this is the fact that 
Vitulya Reborn has adult themes but it's because this adventure is the 'adult in the room'. 
Vitulya Reborn' is serious adventure in the sense that there could be far reaching consquences once the adventure is played for a campaign. 

'Vitulya Reborn' takes full advantage of the Wretched Bastards Rpg second edition using the Wretched rpg system on full display. 

What we mean by this is the fact that 'Vitulya Reborn' takes full advantage of the low magic & deadly fantasy aspects of the adventure. 
And given the fast pace of the Wretched Bastards second edition system. The adventure pays homage  to it's 'Sword & Sandals' movie inspiration. While at the same time charting it's own course. 
The PC's are going to have thier hands full with everything happening in '
Vitulya Reborn' And they are going to have to deal with the bevy of high end adventure and dangers that are presented here. 
Parties of adventurers are going to take thier lumps and bumps then thier going to have to come back for more. 
Vitulya Reborn' is a indeed a mini campaign that takes on the player's PC's right out of the gate. And this adventure doesn't let go of the players. There are lots of opportunities for the players to act as complete bastards just to make ends meet and complete this adventure's goals. 
Vitulya Reborn' is a solid adventure that wears it's influences on it's sleeves and asks for no mercy. This is a solid mid level adventure for Wretched Bastards second edition. 

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