Thursday, May 18, 2023

OSR Commentary - In Praise of Classic CT- DT-Deluxe Traveller By Marc Miller From Game Designer's Workshop

 There's something about classic Traveller that hits all of the high marks of rpg's. The classic 2d6 Science Fiction adventure hits all of the high marks in spades. The classic Traveller Deluxe has everything that a DM & his players would need from the ground up. 

There's just something about the Deluxe Edition of Traveller that has everything to start a campaign from the ground up. The precise amount of information laid out in a computer like asthetic. The classic GDW layout and the oh so workable rules. And what's not to love?! According to George Rothrock in June 2010 on Rpg Geek; " Absolutely seminal for science fiction rpg fans. If there is a criticism it might be that it assumes a great deal on the part of the GM and players. Wait? Did I call that a criticism? That's something awesome about it.
A unique feature, I believe, is that characters are developed before the game begins and in effect don't "progress" as players might be used to in other rpgs (e.g. D&D). Characters can get more stuff, and depending on the GM get more skills, but basically, your character is a background, a set of skills and experiences that form the bedrock for your adventuring career." George here really hits the high points of classic Traveller Deluxe. Plus There is so much material for Traveller you could play for a lifetime and barely scratch the surface. There's something incredibly fun about having a chance of dying during character creation. 
So why is Traveller Deluxe awesome?! Respectfully it contains everything needed to start a party's journey; "
Deluxe Traveller. GDW published Deluxe Traveller as a larger format boxed game (primarily to be more visible on the shelf in game stores).

"The box included the basic Books 1, 2, and 3, plus Book 0 Introduction to Traveller, and an Introductory Adventure, plus a poster map of the Spinward Marches."
The Spinward Marches have so much adventure potential that a party could spend a lifetime bumbling around and still not scratch the surface of this Sci fi universe. 

The Spinward Marches are the Traveller Greyhawk campaign. The Spinward Marches are a  classic campaign setting that hits the high notes of the Traveller rpg universe whist keeping the player's PC's engaged on multiple levels. This is a setting of both high & low adventure in a Science Fiction univers that thrives on adventure. 

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