Wednesday, May 24, 2023

OSR Review & Commentary - Puppeteer Class -- A Shadowdark Supplement From James Mishler Games

"The Puppeteer Class is a new class designed for use with the Shadowdark RPG. While it can be used as a player class, it has excellent potential to provide non-player character villains – and their minions – the player characters can encounter and oppose during their adventures."

The puppeteer class has a 4-sided hit die and includes the following abilities:

Magic Item Use: A puppeteer may use magic items as per a wizard.
Puppeteering: A puppeteer uses arcane alchemical methods to animate puppets using the souls of willing and unwilling subjects, or even elemental or diabolical spirits. The greater the puppeteer’s talents, more puppets can be animated, the more powerful are the abilities of the puppets, and the more special abilities they may possess. A system for crafting and animating puppets is included.
Puppet Special Abilities: Puppets may include various special abilities. 32 special abilities are described.

Puppeteer Class -- A Shadowdark Supplement From James Mishler Games  is a nice Shadowdark Supplement clocks in at about  nine pages of weird and wonderful vile NPC villainy. This is a solid supplemen from James Mishler Games. Now I don't play Shadowdark but where I would use the Puppeteer Class is with Castles & Crusades. Puppeteers would make extremely creepy & formable foes for C&C!  

The puppeteer class has a bit of everything that a vile villain needs. Creepy powers check, ability to create scades of minions at higher levels check, abiliy to create minions and monsters with some lethality too them?! 
Yup they have all of this and more. Could the Puppeteer be used with say Lamentations of the Flame Princess? Absolutely it could and very easily. 
The Pupeteer class hits all of the high notes as an NPC villain. Its a creepy, ookie, and very spooky class with all of th bells and whistles one expects from a James Mishler games product! 

The puppets left behind by a puppeteer make for some different and excellent NPC monsters in their own right and Mishler provides all of the special abilities and weirdness to make them a real threat for the dungeons or ruins of your choice. 
- Puppeteer Class -- A Shadowdark Supplement From James Mishler Games Is Available Right Over Here 

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