Friday, May 12, 2023

OSR Reviews & Commentary On Wretched Conspiracies Rpg Setting Book for The Wretched Rpg or Wretched Darkness

 "Within the hidden corners of the modern world, the Veil Syndicate discreetly carries out its operations, spinning intricate webs of deception and intrigue from the shadows of secrecy.

"As members of government agencies, you have been initiated into this clandestine brotherhood, tasked with maintaining control over society and concealing the supernatural phenomena that lurk behind the veil of the mundane."

"The Veil Syndicate, a formidable organisation with roots in ancient secret societies, has infiltrated the highest echelons of power in government, industry, and academia. Over millennia, these groups have merged and evolved into the powerful and enigmatic organisation that now stands before you."

"With cutting-edge technology, powerful weaponry, and vast resources at your disposal, you will join the ranks of the Syndicate’s elite agents, sworn to protect the organisation’s interests and uphold its mysterious agenda."

 Wretched Conspiracies clocks in at one hundred & thirty two pages of solid OSR style conspiracy rpg action. While Wretched Conspiracies is a solid rpg setting  in it's own right it seems to work best as a companion to the classic Wretched Darkness according to the authors; " Wretched Conspiracies can work either as a standalone setting for Wretched Role-Playing Game or as a sourcebook for Wretched Darkness."
What Wretched Conspiracies does well is giving a setting that is one part David Lynch and three parts X Files in the good seasons. And while it definitely hits the high notes of the action and weird investigative genres. Wretched Conspiracies is an excellent rpg setting in it's own right. Wretched Conspiracies does this by taking full advantage of the Wretchedverse and branches into it's own setting. 
The Wretched Conspiracies book does this by switching in it's lore, occult goings on and then puts a huge Lychian spin on the world. The material here as is top drawer with the Veil Syndicate fully fleshed out. 
And the world of Wretched Conspiracyies one step removed from the world of 2023 and there's a whole lot high weirdness going on around the players. And this something we see in spades in Wretched Conspiracies as everything well almost everything is interconnected via the high weirdness. 

What works really well with Wretched Conspiracies is the horror and crap show that is the world of Wretched Darkness. You really don't want to see beyond the Veil in this world. And Wretched Conspiracies does an excellent job of bringing home the world of horror within this little eight dollar rpg setting book.. Why? Because of the fact that everything is so welled laid out at the feet of DM's and players alike. Wretched Conspiracies brings the horror and governmental cover ups at your door step. And it's up to the PC's to be a part of the Veil organization. And they must take on far more then they ever expect! The Wretched Conspiracies setting campaign is a sold addition to the wretched rpg line Can't wait to unleash the Wretched Conspiracies setting on my players! 
Is Wretched Conspiracies worth picking up? In short answer?!Oh yes because it brings the other half of the coin of Wretched Darkness plus it presents a sold campaign setting to unleash on players. 

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