Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Review & Commentary For Wretched Vigilantes By The Red Room For The Wretchedverse Rpg Systems

 "Wretched Vigilantes - RELEASED (Red Room store for now, print version coming soon from Lulu). Wretched Vigilantes is a game setting for the Wretched Role-Playing Game, co-authored by ML Straus, that thrusts players into the gritty and dark world of Hammettville, infamously known as “Crime City.”"

Wretched Vigilantes by line; "Within this setting, players assume the roles of anti-hero characters, retired vigilantes who are unexpectedly called back into action to defend their city. Their adversaries are the Vanguard Squad, a group of once-heroic crime fighters who have become corrupted and transformed into crime lords themselves, terrorizing the very city they once protected. As former vigilantes, the player characters embark on a journey of redemption and self-discovery.

In the Wretched Vigilantes game setting players have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the grim and tumultuous world of the Wretchedverse and Hammettville. It is a world where the lines between heroes and villains blur, and notions of good and evil become murky. While the default assumption is for players to take on the role of the Vigilantes, the game also allows for the intriguing option of playing as the super-villains, former members of the Vanguard Squad. This versatility provides players with a range of perspectives and storytelling possibilities, ensuring a rich and engaging game-play experience. To play Wretched Vigilantes, players will need the Wretched Role-Playing Game core book or another suitable old-school set of rules that align with the game’s mechanics"

Wretched Vigilantes clocks in at about eighty pages of super heroics done in the Wretched style and this is an add on book not so much a complete rpg unto itself. And this makes it very desirable for a DM such as myself whose looking for a setting to stage thier own adventures. Hammettville, infamously known as “Crime City.” has it's own distinctive voice and it's a voice that echoes through the undercurrent of Wretched Vigilantes
The setting & additional systems which is the vices & virtues system adds in many adventure & complication elements into the inner workings of Wretched Vigilantes. The old familar advesaries & monsters are lurking in the background. And there's definitely a huge opening of factions, supers, and whatnot that push Wretched Vigilantes into the world of Wretched New Flesh

This only makes sense given the recent adventure Novanexus. The world of Wretched Vigilantes is right down the road from Novanexus which means the 'Glitch' is more then a mere local phenemana. Forget the rival supers threatening the city and worry about all reality. 
The power players of Wretched Vigilantes are actually small patatoes compared with some of the other issues lurking in the back of the wretchedverse. 
I think that as an experienced Wretched DM I'd pair Wretched Vigilantes with Wretched Darkness & Agents of W.R.E.T.C.H.  

Why? Beacause quite frankly I'd love to see the 'villains' crushed by others who might be working the angles of Hammettville, infamously known as “Crime City.” for thier own benefit. The PC's could well be these folks. There's enough here within  Wretched Vigilantes to keep a campaign going for years. 
What I'm yammering about? Random encounters, plenty of random setting info, neighborhoods, villains, and more all make 
 Wretched Vigilantes highly well arounded as a supers setting. 

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