Saturday, May 6, 2023

Scarlet Raid - Adapting Mutant Epoch rpg's Outland Arts's One Day Digs 7:: The Ascent To The Cepheus Engine Hostile rpg As a Oneshot Adventure - Session Report Part II

Last night's session picks right up from here on the blog. 
So during last night's game things got very interesting too say the least. Our party was scouting through some urban ruins where they woke up and then things went down hill from there. They encountered a flock of Ruby Clawed Finches. I the words of the author & designer, "Ruby Clawed Finch
These carnivorous, small birds gather into huge flocks and attack one target in a group of travellers. Like winged piranha fish, they can pick a person to the bone in minutes.
Graphite art from page 189 of Excavator Monthly Compendium." 

Cepheus Atom just happens to have theses style of mutant birds built right into it. Needless to say that we almost down by two explorers.   However the party managed to get under cover but sacrificed one of thier covetted grenades. We're running this  mini campaign using Outland Arts's One Day Digs 7:: The Ascent for the Mutant Epoch rpg with Zozer Games Hostile.
The basic premise for this mini campaign rests on the back of the party and things have been getting interesting. Let me give you the basic premise; ""You've survived the crash. Now what?

"What horrors face a team of lunar cadets who crash land amid the ruins of the old ones? Can they work together to ascend the mega tower and call for evac, or will they perish in the attempt?"

In this unique one day dig, written by Timothy Berriault and illustrated by William McAusland. "The Ascent" encounters are  balanced and were not that hard to convert over to Stellagamma's Cepheus Atom with a twist of first edition Barbaric.  And during last night's game the players ran straight into a mutant trade caravan. The party was able to trade skills and two pieces of  knowledge about artifacts for passage to Pitford.  We ended the session with the player's PC's safe and sound for now. Once again  I did notice that the players have been using Independence Games G.E.A.R. and really going to town on the customization of thier weapons, equipment, etc. even using Hostile rpg catalog of equipment. 

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