Friday, May 5, 2023

Against The Eye of Fear & Flame - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition Session Report One

 So last I got a chance to fill in on a slot in DM Steve's Advanced Dungeons & Dragons homebrew campaign. My PC was a thief and we came up against one of the most dangerous of the Fiend Folio's monsters. We came face to face with an Eye of Fear & Flame which was intense. The thing wanted us to slay a captive goblin that we were using to guide us back to his nest's lair. Or have one of us kill one of the other party members. Neither option actually happened because we challanged the thing to a riddling contest instead. The winner takes the soul of the loser. And we knew the Eye would cheat. 

We knew the Eye would cheat and try to out flank us. And as we went through the various riddles we knew The Eye's riddles were always about corruption and the nature of evil. This is right along with the monster's description. 
Meanwhile our paladin hung back and did nothing. The party went round and round with this thing while it tried to sew discord between the group and my thief. This all took place in the dungeon between a throne room and the inner court ruins of a castle. This was not my first go around with Eyes. Finally the paladin and his knight got close enough to the Eye to get a good strike on it! 
And that's when we figured out that the thing was in the Ethereal! Son of a bitch we watched our knight and paladin use thier magic swords! Things got very intense but the Eye fled! That's right it just up and left! 
Or did it?! Wandering deeper into the dungeon we got the impression of the horror was stalking us. It was the little things like the hairs on the back of your neck or the dripping of the ichor down the castles ruined walls. We wanted to know why such a horror was in the ruined castle?! We still had a goblin nest to deal with and so put the Eye behind us? Or so we thought! And then we entered an area of total darkness and the Eye cameback with a bargain?! It would give us a map to a lower level of the dungeon if we brought it back a living Fey?! Sir Brendan & Sir Tristen were all for it because they wanted to thwart the Eye. And we took the map. I was expecting a fireball but there wasn't one. 
This was very odd indeed because I was expecting a fireball to the face. And the horror faded back into the darkness after giving the paladin the map almost but not quite mocking him. So this brings up the question, what the Hell is the Eye's game?! We plyed deeper into the pits of the dungeon peering and expecting an attack? 
What we got were a small number of giant rats! And we took our time dispatching those. This brought us to the end of the game. Very creepy encounter and weird. 

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