Sunday, May 7, 2023

'A Visit To The Chapel Of Lost Regrets' - Fantastic Heroes & Witchery Rpg Session Report

 So I casually mentioned that I was thinking about running our Eighties Science Fantasy Fantastic Heroes and Witchery rpg game campaign. And immediately I had players pulling out old characters & we're  suddenly having the PC's dealing with going on the 'Old Doleman Trail' just out outside 'Blighted Forrest'. They had an old mining wagon and having escaped 'Tegel Manor' were on thier way into the 'The Deep Forrest'. So I had thrown this together spur of the moment with a heavy use of  White Box Gothic

The player's PC's ran across a small deserted chapel inbetween the 'Old Doleman Trail' & the Deep Forrest. 
The chapel is dedicated to Orcus and became the focus point for this afternoon's adventure. The PC's knew that something was completely and utterly 'off' about the chapel. 
They decided to venture inside and it seemedly the place had been sort of small shrine or chapel of light orginally. There were demonic symbols in graffiti all over the place. 
And the aure of corruption was everyplace and there were indications that the chapel/shrine was being used as the sight of worship for a local cult of Chaos! 
The players were not amused to say the least. And that's when they heard the voice, 'Will you be staying for services?!' They came face to face with some sorta of undead! He commanded about a dozen skeletons and the party was up to it's hip bones in skeleton with weapons. 
And the knights almost made it too the boss when they got hit with a crippling wounds. What the Hell?! 
This is when the players suddenly discovered that they were up against a clerical lich of Orcus! Oh this didn't sit well because of the fact that they suddenly remembered where they were! The Chapel of Lost Regrets a place inbetween worlds that sits at the edge of the Wood Between Worlds. The party quickly dispatched four of the skeletons and then made it back to the wagon! Then they think they've left behind the chapel. The skeletons they fought today were actually thier old PC's remains from the last time we ran Fantastic Heroes And Witchery! 

Most of the information about this version of Orcu came outta of Castles & Crusades Tomb of the Unclean! What is the Chapel of Lost Regrets?! The Chapel is a corrupted Chaos temple that travels between the realms of dream & reality. The in campaign reason that this place exists is that a champion of Chaos cursed the chapel to wander across the planes appearing here & there to trap and damn adventurers into the claws of Orcus. '

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