Thursday, May 11, 2023

OSR Commentary On Autarch's Ascendant Rpg & Some Thoughts on The Rpg's Supernatural Factions

 Let's pick up on the Ascendant Rpg from where we left off on the blog. And look at  the Ascendant rpg system  & dive into some of the ins and outs what makes game work. For me it's the combination of classic Marvel Super Heroes & DC Heroes rpg system goodness with an Autarch spin work. 

Lurking below the surface of Ascendant is the setting conceit of the 'Gods & Champions of Old Returning' to the modern world. Make no mistake that this isn't 'the world's most popular rpg' even though Ascendant can do fantasy with little issue. Where Ascendant actually shines is in it's handling of squad level action. For those who own Ascendant notice how the militaries are protrayed in the game. This isn't a mistake on the writer's part. Ascendant is meant to handle small squad actions with super humans. Mercenary units, rogue nations, militaries, and even corporations are going to be very interested in super humans. And this is especially going to be true of PC's. Ascendant PC's are also going to be able to bring military assets of thier own this is especially true of mercenary units. 
A band of  Ascendant characters could well be able to handle both civilan and long term military contractors. The balance of power has shifted in the world of Ascendant. And I don't think that even the world of the supernatural is going to be ready for such a shift. 
Ascendant has a very advanced form of necromancy and several other powers that mimic the rise of the supernatural within the world of Ascendant. And Autarch has indicated that there will be more supernatural supplements coming up.
The supernatural factions within Ascendant have not been quiet at all. And in point of fact have been making waves in pop culture and the media.  This puts the spot light deeply on to these factions in certain areas. And it's the Ascendant factions that Alexander Marcis dive into in this interview from 2022. 

If we're looking deeper into the game the factional play is as complex & varied as Autarch's ACK's but we're comparing apples & oranges here. The bottom line is how Ascendant handles it's world & itself. But we'll get into more of that next time. 

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