Friday, May 19, 2023

OSR Review & Commentary On Novanexus By The Red Room For The Wretched Flesh Rpg

 "Novanexus is a scenario designed for Wretched New Flesh – but adaptable to other near-future games – set in a sprawling metropolis that represents the pinnacle of human achievement and technological progress. In this scenario, inspired by movies such as My Uncle (1958), Playtime (1967) and Traffic (1971), players have the option to take on the role of local law enforcement or work for ZoneSec, a security organization hailing from the distant city of Avalidad. They are sent to Novanexus to either spy on the city or assist in investigating the mysterious phenomenon known as Glitch. Novanexus is an awe-inspiring European city with a skyline filled with towering skyscrapers and streets buzzing with activity. However, beneath its futuristic façade, the city is plagued by a sense of alienation and isolation.As the players investigate the mystery of the Glitch, they will be faced with the city’s advanced technology in disarray having to rely on their wits and low-tech to survive in the chaotic environment." 

Novanexus is an Aviladad adventure location  that basically introduces a number of common concepts to the game. Namely isolation, modern conspiracy, and deadly goings on below the surface of the city of Novanexus. And the high tech rot that boiling below the city is the Glitch. A reality warping phenemona that is ready to swallow the whole affair if left to continue. The PC's get involved up to thier eyeballs in this Sixties seeming affair. And not all is at it seems. While much of the Red Room's thirty three pages of European style  centered adventure in Novanexus reminds me very much so of My Uncle (1958), Playtime (1967) and Traffic (1971). What Novanexus really reminds me of is a Wretched New Flesh version of the Sixties cultclassic Prisoner tv series. The Glitch threatens everything about the status quo of the reality of the city. And there's more. 
Novanexus as a rival city location offers far more for the PC's to explore,  engage, & deal with the far future of Wretched New Flesh. As a whole cloth affair Novanexus brings a lot to the table top as both an adventure & a resource. Novanexus is also a solid rpg adventure to use with Wretched Conspiracies or even Wretched Darkness. The nature of the Glitch and it's attendant encounters is inspired and highly dangerous. 

Novanexus is an excellent beginning or mid tier adventure for the Wretched New Flesh Rpg. And will put the PC's into a place where they need to test and deal with the mind altering encounters with the Glitch, what or whose behind it, and more. The encounters are both interesting and engaging. The NPC's are well drawn out and the Science Fictional or more apt Science Fantasy horror is apt for what Novanexus brings to the table. 

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