Thursday, May 11, 2023

OSR Review & Commentary The EMA-1 Modular Gun System (MGS) by Thomas Barnes with artwork by Ian Stead For Old School 2d6 Science Fiction & Cepheus Engine rpg Games

 "Victory in warfare often goes to the side which can bring effective, superior firepower to bear within a reasonable time frame. The Experimental Marine Armament detailed herein is a package that supplies just those capabilities to a force equipped with it. Modular and easily maintained, all four of its variants are very capable in their intended roles and enable units to reorient their mission focus without the difficulty of re-equiping and retraining with an entirely new batch of weaponry. The EMA is a well regarded and low priced alternative to standard gauss weapons."

"This book details the EMA-1 Modular Gun System (MGS). Included is a detailed descrip on of the system and all 4
modules, games stats and game sheets." 

The EMA-1 Modular Gun System (MGS) by Thomas Barnes with artwork by Ian Stead is a solid fire arm system for classic 2d6 Science Fiction rpging.  The EMA-1 system has more then a few things going for it as a fire arm system for the Cepheus Engine rpg settings and systems. One is the reliability, two is the EMA-1 easy of production, and three is the fact that the EMA-1 is a perfect weapon for the fringes and frontiers of space. Given the EMA-1's advantage we see that the EMA-1 modular system is perfect for the Clement sector as a fire arm system for the adventurer, bounty hunter or even the mercenary company. Now give all of these advantages the EMA-1 fits the role of all around weapon! Why?! Because it would work very well with Independence Games G.E.A.R. system and perks that we find in the adventurer's equipment and weapons book. 

For an outfit like a mercenary strike force or bounty hunting unit, the EMA-1 is a solid modular choice. And this also means that other organizations such as Hostiles marines are going to take a gander at it. 
And along those lines is also every pirate and hot shot outfit West of the Crab nebula is going to be outfitting thier interstellar scum with the EMA-1. And things are going to get completely out of hand as the EMA-1 appears across the universe as a weapon choice of scum & criminals alike. What makes the EMA-1 work is how it's put together. 
The reliablity issue is going to draw in the customers, its ease of use is going to make the user fans. And adventurers are going to be the number one consumers and producers of these weapons systems. 
For the Hostile rpg the EMA-1 is the perfect weapon for  the Nevermind series of scenarios. The conflict almost demands a cheap and easy weapon system to inject into the mix of chaos & warfare. 

The EMA-1 Modular Gun System (MGS) by Thomas Barnes with artwork by Ian Stead is great little weapon systems to add into your 2d6  Science Fiction rpg campaigns. And so it's a great little weapons systems to add into your rpg games at a very reasonable price. 

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