Sunday, February 7, 2021

The Moorcock Sword Caper - A Cha'alt/White Star rpg Mash Up Pick Up Game - Session Report

 Today's snow storm put a real crimp in our usual game as two of our players had to do snow storm plowing today & so it was a pick up game. DM Greg couldn't make it for 'A White Ship Has Come' his AS&SH game. So it was a very fast pick up game within a two hour period to write & throw together. Fortunately our notes from our last two Stormbringer/OSR hybrid games were within easy reach. The player's PC's are down & out adventurers in a dead end Cha'alt cantina. Their scale ship is busted up pretty badly & in need of repair work.  Fortunely this gave us an opportunity to move the time scale of Cha'alt up to the  Fuschia Malaise timeline. Using the Cha'alt/White Star rules to generate PC's gave them an interesting OSR  back take. The lovely Cha'alt hard cover &  Fuschia Malaise books had their three ring counterparts at the table top. No way was these lovely hard backs going to get the soda treatment that other books have. These below were used for generating the mini adventure campaign. We've got a DM Steve' star knight his bromling companion played by DM Steve's wife, Jack's Alien Brute with Cha'alt mutations from standing too close to a desert toxic waste dump ( don't ask), his wife Tracy's gun slinger Tata 4' Days, Henry's Cleric of the Varta Walter N' Four (a clone of the other three Walters), Robert the Elf played by Robert, Kenny the Combat Medic ( their gonna need him), Vern Von Dwarvenhovn ( Dwarf mecha pilot & combat engineer), & finally Tracy their A.I. star pilot. Yeah, yeah, I'm upping the timeline because of Venger Satanis's new Kickstarter as well. 

The adventure picks up with the PC's accepting a mission to recover a very dangerous sword of chaos from a temple in the desert north of A'agrybah. And here's where things started to go South right away. One of the players made an off handed remark about Cha'alt being a knock off of Dark Sun & Barsoom. That was rather not a good idea because I had a mixed bag of NPC's from Warriors of the Red Planet & our back roster of Ruins of Arduin NPC's especially a group of rather blood thirsty Deodanth bounty hunters. 

The PC's got the job from a rather unsavory Choam representive(clown demon in disguise). It was to recover the chaos sword Blue Swallow. Blue Swallow's personality & powers were generated using the D20 Dragon Lords of Melibone  magic item rules. 

Blue Swallow the Chaos sword has a historythat  goes back to the  
Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence. The sword became sentient on the shores of the island. The PC who wielded it was cut down & it was brought to Cha'alt by another. Then it was dropped in a temple of the 'Old Ones'. Now the lords of Chaos want it back for strange reasons. 

The PC's managed to get to the temple on a rented sand skimmer & then it was a total surprise running into the NPC El Kazeem The Terrible. El Kazeem is a 12th level wizard dedicated to the gods of Chaos. He's absolutely one of the most corrupt wizards that the players have run into. He goes back to 2013 when using the rules from the  
Baleful Sorcerer of Tsathag'kha. El Kazeem was created as a force of terror for the players. 

It was he who hired the party to lure them into the desert for a sacrifice to the demon worms of the desert. The game became a running series of combat scenes for part of the afternoon. More tomorrow as this continues. 

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