Friday, February 12, 2021

Review & Commentary On Cepheus Journal issue #4 for Free Download & Support of the Cepheus Engine Rpg among other Cepheus Engine Powered Rpg's


So its on again & this time we're  coming to the table top fully armed. The latest issue of Cepheus Journel issue #4 is out!  And it brings to the table top some welcome additions in the form of Ship Damage by Nick Lucock article, a nice take on the furthering of the Cepheus Engine's damage consquences for your space craft. Ewan Spence takes on a lovely little tour of The PLA Armored Squad for Celpheus Modern. Its a well crafted article & does a deep dive in all of the right places making it a very nicely little take on one of the most dangerous armies in the modern world. Then Nick Lucock takes into a deep dive through the Altair Subsector. Its a solid article that takes a hard & fast look into a very nicely done potential campaign location. Then we get a good take on Dr.Syn & The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh by Paul Drye an old favorite of my wife. Again good marks on this article which takes a solid look at the novel & legends that inspired it. 40 Eridani in 2021 by Randy McDonald is a look at a double star system & its uses for the Cepheus Engine rpg with some really well done twists & turns. 

The Archbishop's Gambit is by P­O Bergstedt for either Sword of Cepheus or the forth coming Cepheus Störtebeker rules. Its pretty solid for Sword of Cepheus & as an adventure its got a really nice couple of twists & turns to it. This is followed by 'Escape From Qasim's Teeth' by Neil Lucock an adventure for Godstar & again this is an adventure that I wasn't expecting to go the way it does. There's some room here for campaign expansion if the DM wants to take it in that direction. Solid but very interesting. 'Gram Baley's Helzer's Recovery Salvage & Repossession Service' part II  isn't only a mouth full but has some really good instellar adventure potential. Get the first part of this in Cepheus Journal issue #3 right here. 

So let's talk about what makes this issue a solid free download besides all of the above. The layout is good, the cartography is well done, the whole package is very nicely put together & very useful for a Cepheus Engine DM to go to town with. 

Cepheus Journal issue #4 for Free Download is available right here. 

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