Monday, February 1, 2021

'Playing Out In The Rocks' Cepheus Engine Rpg DM Workshop & Session Report Five - The Wreck & Tag

 This session picks right up where the other one left off as the players are become far more careful. 
Last night it started to snow fiercely & our group decided to do another phone by play session. And in this session the party tagged the wreck with a location bouy & registered it. They are getting very cagey about the campaign. And so they confronted the Russian agent NPC about what else is on that lap top?! 

There were lots of questions about what's on the intersystem starcharts because their looking for a craft for themselves. Sure Allard Technologies has craft but their looking for an independent craft. And they found a Soviet abanonded  deep space research vessel in deep  orbit around Mercury. The craft has been there for a hundred years. The craft is the  shadow of a solar power array collector station that is beaming power back to several corporate solar science stations in orbit around the Sun. 
The New England Bouys wanna call intern solar salvage rights on the craft & then haul it into an orbit where they can work on it.  Mercury is dangerous as all Hell. 

Here's where Zozer game's Orbital 2100 campaign setting is coming in handy. The big question is why was the craft abandoned & will there be rewards. The players are trying to throw me with this. And Greg has generated a Russian pilot in the employ of Allard technologies. 

The players want Allard Technologies to pay one of the science outposts to send a probot into the shadow to scout out the craft. And to keep their mouths shut about what they find. And there's several corporate interests already interested in deep solar power collection within the Talon sector. The navy officer  from the navy of TSAO: These Stars Are Ours aboard the Daniel Boone station has become rather nervous about this course of action. It became a question of spill it or else since the party had sent transmission ahead for the probot. Yuri Novaralov interceeded here & the party wasn't cleared for this yet. 
And that's when I decided to drop in a parasite robotic system Dark Tek page 35 aboard the Pioneer space station. And when systems started going wrong with life support the paranoia got cranked to the volume of eleven. 

And with that we cue dramatic music & we'll pick this up in the next couple of days! Lots of questions on the players parts but there's not many answers... yet.. 

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