Saturday, February 13, 2021

Review & Commentary Star Grunt II Wargame Rules By John Tuffley from Ground Zero Games & Its Uses With Cepheus Engine rpg

"Stargrunt II is a comprehensive set of generic rules for simulating science-fiction infantry combat in virtually any background. The system covers actions from a few squads up to full company level. Rules are included for infantry, powered armored troops, AFV's, artillery and aerospace support and much much more. The game is designed for use with 25mm or 15mm scale miniatures. The game has a flexible integrated game sequence, minimal record keeping and a brilliant system of distinguishing troop quality. The game encourages the players to think tactically. There are rules for troop confidence, motivation, suppression and much more."

So Ground Zero Games has been rattling through several groups as 'the war game miniatures rules' with Star Grunts II being the rules set to look at. Star Grunts II is scalable for Cepheus Engine & especially for use with the Hostile Rpg setting. Which is a wargame system that has been on our mutual hard drives going back to '96 when it was published written by Jon Tuffley. But now with the second incarnation of the game published the players of our games have stumbled upon a Xenomorph hive aboard the interior of  asteroid. The Star Grunt II is a perfect match with Kurasan miniatures space demons army

The Star Grunts II rules work well for technological levels from World War two all of the way through into space marine 40K levels of warfare. E.Mudge review of Star Grunts II  goes into some of the system's highlights; "Stargrunt II is a well-rounded generic 15mm/25mm system that emphasizes hard science fiction.

This game focuses on squads as the basic unit type, places emphasis on tactics; morale; communications and cover and discourages blindly charging into gunfire.

Jon Tuffley includes tables of organization & equipment for each of the major powers in his own world-setting, but uses this more as an example rather than a set-in-stone universe; Jon happily encourages players to use other settings if they wish
Instead of using points costs, Star grunt encourages players to create scenarios and agree on the forces used. The idea is not to pitch a thousand-point army against another thousand-point army, but to create their own armies and play an interesting scenario."

These levels of technology are perfect for the 15mm Stannis Iguana all terrain combat vehicle which looks like it came directly from the film Alien & Aliens. 

Using these for tonight's game is going  to be two player games right side by side. The military aspect of Star Grunts II is right on the money for this campaign. And its well put together from the writing to the rules. Clear, easy to read, concise, & it let's the players build their armies the way they want. Command & control rules are well done. 
Star Grunts II is going to work very well for marrying up with Cepheus Engine Rpg for tonight's game. 

With Alternative Armies HOF51 Grey Alien Landing Party with Flying Saucer  is a perfect insert for a party within the Cepheus Engine rpg setting of These Stars Are Ours. 

The Star Grunts II rules work perfectly as a partner with other rpg systems as well this includes Dark Conspiracy rpg. A where the forces of darkness sometimes need their rears kicked back across the dimensional threshold. And being able to field an army of 15 MM figures works far better then a thousand pictures especially if the players are at the table top level. 

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