Monday, February 15, 2021

Review & Commentary The Free Full Thrust: Project Continuum rules By John Tuffley Modified By Emerald Coast Skunk Works & Its Uses With Cepheus Engine rpg

"The  Tactical Starship Combat Rules!
Simple, fast-play rules that can be used with any size of starfleet! Basic rules of play can be learned in just a few minutes! No referring to charts or tables required during play!"

So with the wonderful weather that the Northeastern half of Connecticut is getting hit with. Over the weekend we printed out quite a bit of material for both Cepheus Engine rpg & Full Thrust: Project Continuum rules. These are a highly collected, edited, & expanded version of the Full Thrust  star ship wargame rules. Way back in '94 through '97 we used to travel over a hundred miles round trip to play test the Full Thrust  rules down at War & Pieces in West Hartford Ct. "Full Thrust is a science fiction strategy wargame written by Jon Tuffley and published by Ground Zero Games of England.", at least this is the wiki entry explanation on Full Thrust. But the truth is far more complex & interesting. 

Once a game was concluded between winners & losers then battles were recorded, losses calculated, etc. And then the fun began. These Full Thrust games became the basis for DM Steve or DM Charlie to have our group of PC  salvage experts to move in from original Traveller. And then pick the carcasses of the star ships clean. But intergalactic monsters often moved in to take on what was left behind. What Full Thrust: Project Continuum rules do is brought back the full on interstellar  scope of these games. We owe a huge debt to Emerald Coast Skunk Works - They have done a lot of work on updating and expanding Full Thrust.  Thank you immensely for keeping FT, the “best least-known space combat game”, alive with your expanded rules and ready-made scenarios. I need to get my ass in gear and scratchbuild a few fleets of minis and ship designs with my stacks of bits, and maybe add rules for a few extra systems. Add into this Full Thrust Skunkworks Scenario pack & you are ready to go. 

Full Thrust: Project Continuum rules take Full Thrust & bring it into the next level for space combat. What these rules do is make space combat on a huge scale workable, the game is done by fans for fans of Full Thrust, there is a huge Full Thrust community out in the internet that continues to produce & generate material for free and its solidly done. 

 There's even some Traveller rpg ship goodness for Full Thrust available right here. Full Thrust: Project Continuum is going to work very well for marrying up with Cepheus Engine Rpg for  next week's game. 

Traveller Rules For Full Thrust by Steve Parsonage: More rules to play FT in the universe of Marc Millers Traveller RPG. And with fantastic ships like those of Moon Toad Publishing  & Independence Games conversion isn't that hard at all. 
High quality solidly done ships flying cinematically within the shadow of giant fleets of space craft? Yes this is one of the things that makes 
Full Thrust: Project Continuum very appealing to both myself & the players. 

The Ship Book:Lune Class Freelancer
is a perfect example of an adventurer's ship that wouldn't be out of place dealing with the empires & fleets that we find within the Full Thrust: Project Continuum

Special Thanks To Ground Zero Games 

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