Monday, February 22, 2021

Psychotronic Monster Movie Monday - 'I Come In Peace' Aka Dark Angel For Your OSR or Old School Games

Jack Caine (Dolph Lundgren) is a Houston vice cop who's forgotten the rule book. His self-appointed mission is to stop the drugs trade and the number one supplier Victor Manning. Whilst involved in an undercover operation to entrap Victor Manning, his partner gets killed, and a sinister newcomer enters the scene... Along with F.B.I. agent Lawrence Smith, the two investigate a spate of mysterious deaths.. "

Right at the back of my mind on this psychotronic  Monster movie Monday is a monster that's been running around my mind since the early Nineties. 'I Come In Peace aka Dark Angel' is a favorite sci fi rental from back in the days when I was a video store manager in a back alley video rental place in Boston. 

The hill giant like alien drug trafficker Talic can't be the only one of his alien intergalatic race to appear in a major city or urban area. These aliens have appeared a multiplicity of times across space & various periods of history. They are drawn to areas of conflict & vice for the harvesting of the drug "Barsi". These aliens use high technology to harvest endorphins from their victims brains, synthesizing them into a drug called "Barsi" to be used by addicts on his home planet. They are drawn to drug dens, places of vice, gladatorial games, place of war, sporting events, etc. all for the harvesting of these valuable endorphins. This is done through a blade like brain shunt that does 1d4 points of damage to the victim's cranium. 

Alien Drug Dealer aka The Endrophin Hunter 
Number Encountered:1 
Size: Large (7 1/2' to 8') 
Attacks: Weapon or Melee (Hill Giant Str)
Alignment:Chaotic Evil
Type: Humanoid 
Treasure Type: X or 4 
Xp: 80 +5 

These aliens are highly unpredictible & chaotic evil only with the harvesting of the the valuable commodity or drug upon their minds. They have several very dangerous weapon systems that they use for attack or defense purposes. The first of which is the 'magnetic disk of obliteration' made from high desnity alien alloy of magnetic properties this disk can do 1d6+2 points of damage to any five targets within range of the alien warrior. These are a fire & forget weapon with a range of twenty feet, the target getting a save vs wands or dodge roll to avoid the weapon. Any strong magnetic field or lode stone can distract the weapon's micro field magnetic targetting system. This weapon will continue to travel as long as a magnetic field generated by a living being is present. 

The second most common weapon system present upon one of these aliens is the 'Variable Gun' capable of firing muliple bursts only this weapon does 2d8+1 points of damage & has a range of forty yards.  This 'Variable Gun' has 10 burst shots within it's magazine. 

The third weapon system is the cybernetic tendril which is controlled by the alien's guantlet computer system. This weapon does 1d6 points of damage & is extremely strong capable of wrapping around a target's throat or directly attacking the head or chest area. Unless a dodge or save vs death is made, the tendril is capable of penatrating some soft metals. The tendril is used for making a penatrating hit on the victim's heart. An aphrodesic is then pumped into the victim who must save vs death or the victim becomes completely incapcitated. The cranial shunt is then used to penatrate the victim's brain & then raw "Barsi" is pumped into the alien's control metal gaunlet. 

There is some evidence to suggest that these aliens who fight as Hill Giants maybe only humanoid biological shells. They have both dark vision & have an uncanny ability to track their targets as rangers. They often pick a 'favorite' a victim to whom that they will taunt, track, stalk, for the added pleasure of creating a highly refined version of "Barsi". There is some evidence to suggest that  "Barsi" drugs allows them to leave their current plane of existence for a higher one. They have been known to completely wipe out a humanoid population for their endrophins to create this highly addictive cosmic drug. 
There are intergalatic  law enforcement agencies that track these alien criminals making it their life's mission to stop these agents of pure evil. Several members of this alien species even belong to it. 

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