Saturday, February 27, 2021

Review & Commentary On the Free Cepheus Engine rpg Add On Book - Star Trek: Alpha Quadrant

 Star Trek: Alpha Quadrant is one of those fever dream rpg books that crops up from time to time. A fever dream that you don't think is real but it is. This book a mash up of Cepheus Engine rpg with Fasa Star Trek simmered over a coating of old school fandom. Note that this is only original Trek shows  not the Calvin time line movies, or Star Trek Discovery.   Star Trek: Alpha Quadrant is an interesting compromise between FASA Trek & original Trav erm Cepheus Engine rpg    Star Trek: Alpha Quadrant is fan production but its very good fan production. 

   Star Trek: Alpha Quadrant is basically Cepheus Engine rpg Trek taking PC's from beginning career paths right through to serving on the star ship of their own as bridge or away crew. And its done with the usual Cepheus Engine flare. 

  Star Trek: Alpha Quadrant is old school Trek & its vicious in the same way that original Traveller rpg was. The fact is that the Cepheus rpg system does an excellent job of emulating original Star Trek shows. The career paths are there, the ranks, the officer's path, medical, creatures,
etc.  Star Trek: Alpha Quadrant has all of this & much more. 

   Star Trek: Alpha Quadrant is a good alternative to a side game of Trek when you need something to fill in the gaps between sessions or as a solid a campaign Trek  alternative for the Cepheus Engine. 

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