Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Fast & Loose Review Of Stouthearted Games Cepheus Modern By Mark Stout for Cepheus Engine Light or Old School Original Traveller rpg

 "Cepheus Modern is a 2d6-based OGL game based on Cepheus Light, for playing campaigns set in the modern era. Whatever your game is: modern paramilitary, retro espionage, World War II battles, mysterious explorers, or renegade hacktivists; Cepheus Modern has you covered. This rules-light game offers character creation with a variety of modern careers, skills and equipment, rules for resolving actions in and out of combat, and a complete animal/creature creation system.

Do you like your modern games with a dose of strangeness? Cepheus Modern has that as well, with chapters covering Psychic Powers, Cybernetics, Urban Fantasy, and Aliens! Run your game as straight reality or with as little or much weirdness as you like. To add more sci-fi to your game, consider using this game with Cepheus Light."

Whist digging ourselves out here at Casa De Fabiaschi the players have been trying to figure their way out of the, 'Oh my God the space station is going to explode & we're all going to die' routine. Let's take a step back & look at an optional 'pay what you want' Cepheus Engine title by Stouthearted  Games called Cepheus Modern. This is another one of those Cepheus Engine light  titles that's been on the back burner for a month or so. 
Now apparently as a member of the Cepheus Engine rpg club we're not supposed to talk about Mongoose Traveller or original Traveller, etc.  Whatever 'cus I'm not a publisher of Cepheus Engine nor do I want to get authors in trouble. But as a subsystem that can be tacked onto Cepheus Engine rpg?!  Cepheus Modern is a winner in my book. It presents a whole host of alternative retro & modern campaign options along with the careers to go with them. 

So this makes Cepheus Modern very valuable on a number of fronts as a DM or Cepheus Engine player. The fact that Cepheus Modern  catters to the campaign & adapts the rules to it rather then the other way around. Cyberpunk campaign? Check that's there. Magic & psionics? Check & check again. Uban Fantasy as an actual viable option?! Check again. But its the fact that the rules actually work without any fiddling on the part of the DM. And its the fact that Cepheus Modern will also work with 1970s 2D6 RETRO RULES From Zozer Games which is how psionics & magic have been quietly appearing the background of our current campaigns. 

 Cepheus Modern covers all of the basics & does the job that its supposed to in spades & it does so without any issues what so ever. Do I think you should get it?! Yes & its worth the download if your a Cepheus Engine DM or player. 

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