Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mutated Space Empire - The Relic - Actual Play

Tonight we've got the final part of the Mutated Empires One shot! the characters are aboard the Relic. A ship(so they think of the Space Gods)

The Relic is in deep orbit around Io. The PC's party of nine has breached the hull of the craft.

They've managed to get onto the first level of the craft where thousands of sleep pods surround them. The party has spread out & secured this level allowing the rest of the party to look for other exits, traps, etc. The design of the ship is some type of mymonic alloy. It transformed before their eyes into other shapes & strange functions. The party is being completely cautious because of several strange energy bursts that have been detected in the higher band EM range, several weird Gamma radiation bursts were also detected last game.
 If you wish to now more about this game you can read about it Here
Details Here
 Also some other bits Here
 A Few other points :
  1. The Relic - The relic is in fact a living piece of technology & responses to the user's needs. The ship is in fact based on the one seen in the X Factor comic more details Here 
  2. The party already has several pieces of technology from the Relic aboard their own ship. 
  3. The party knows that they're not alone aboard 
  4. There are also life forms aboard as well but these retreat away every time adventurers approach. 
  5. The relic has been around since the First Host & it means its very very ancient 

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