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The Ruins of Char'realra - A Failed Dwarven Colony on Mars!

The ruins of Char'realra keep their secrets one way or another! 

The Ruins of Char'realra

The Heads Of The Ancestors sit in the outer cavern greeting those visitors & bear silent witness to those who stay for all eternity 

Within an ancient time worn cavern ancient beyond all human measure is a place accursed by the very gods themselves. These are the Dwarven ruins of Char'realra where the dwarves were called down from the stars to mine the ancient star metal adamant. Read about that right Here
Deep down into the bowls of the mars did they toil. They yielded rich veins of the stuff  & for centuries the mine gave up her riches.  
They mined all of the adament to send to there colonies on other worlds & to forge weapons of conquest 
Something ancient & evil beyond measure slepted deep within the bowels of the mine. It called to them from its womb & prison within the rock & soil. 
 For in ancient days Mars had felt the touch of the star gods & they left star seed within the rock to dwell & mature there! Finally it was almost ready to be be born
 It called all of the dwarven lords to it & looked into their souls & they were changed !
The star seed encased them within adament & left them as its guardians until the day it was to be born! 

To this day they are still there watching over the adament horde! 

From beyond the stars it called a star beast from the Outer Darkness!

The monster spoke to the serpent men of the Temple of the Plumed Serpent in dreams of forbidden rites 
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It began a running battle with the dwarves forcing them back & wiping them out slowly but surely 

Finally the star seed was born blowing up half of the Dwarven mountain rang as it left in an explosion of cosmic energies.

Leaving behind its charges, artifacts of the star gods, the horde of adament, a load of  Dwarven relics & an angry star beast.
Mars Actual Play 

  1. The star beast called the serpent men to itself & they bred orcs as servants to hunt down the last of the dwarfs who were scattered across the face of Mars. 
  2. The star beast is of course the dragon from Space 1999 & of Arduin fame 
  3. Given the explosion of the "West Coast"/ California Dungeons & Dragons feel the last couple of days because of the release of Wizard's World! I just wanted to get in to the line of fire for a second to thank Dan Proctor for answering all of my questions about this game & let me know what its all about. You can purchase a copy right Here
  4. I've been dying to use a star beast for years & here's my chance. 
  5. The beast has changed the ecology of the dungeon itself by introducing  alien monsters from a dozen planar locations. The beast is guarding a portal to the beyond. 
  6. The orcs keep their distance from the place although they claim it as their own because the dragon will eat any strays it happens upon 
  7. Many nearby villages of red men neanderthals  worship the dragon as a god & have mutated further because of the planar energies issuing from it. 
  8. The blue dragon in the area has an agenda with the adament metals & wishes the monster gone. 
  9. The star seed is of course a celestial from Marvel comics read about it Here

Wandering Monsters  of Char'realra 1d10 

  1. Gray Ooze double hit points 
  2. Carrion Crawler with dissolving poison glands 
  3. Doppelgangers of the former dwarven warriors 
  4. Lovecraftian gargoyles with a paralyzing  touch ala ghouls 
  5. Black Puddings slowly dissolving  some of the adamant ores & flesh of the dwarves 
  6. Giant Centipedes 3 times normal size with a taste for red martian flesh 
  7. Dwarf skeleton warriors still guard areas & reenact the battles they fought so long ago with the star beast but will attack anyone in the area 
  8. Shadows of the former dwarfs still inhabit certain places as they have been blasted into non existence by the passing of the star seed 
  9. Stirges  swarms move about slowly feed from the time locked dwarves in certain rooms cursed to remain there for eternity. The swarms are always on the look out for fresh blood however 1d8 
  10. 1d3 giant purple worms slowly feed on the flesh husks of the star seed left behind. They occasionally go looking for other prey though. 

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