Friday, May 11, 2012

Five Super Science Alchemy Weapons For Your Old School Space Opera

Five Super Science Alchemy  Weapons 
Oh most excellent one of the crimson throne & high king of kings may I present these imperious weapons for your edification & exalted gaze. My department's humble efforts to secure these instruments of death & destruction for your your viewing & use.. 
  1. The Medusa Gun - This weapon is produced by using a mico-planar cluster of crystals aligned with the Cycles of The Outer Darkness. The weapon discharges a molecular attack on the most basic level hitting its target with the intention of crystallization of the very cells all the way to the atomic level.
    1d4 points of damage - 6 shots - 40 yard range -Notes Target must save versus rays or be turned to stone or crystal within 1d3 rounds! 
  2. The Red Glorious Accusator- This gun gathers the planar forces around it into itself causing a planar vacuum within a 30 yard range of itself. The target suffers micro phasic implosion on the sub atomic levels. 1d3 points of damage each shot- 4 shots - 30 yard range  
  3. The Mists Of Tarsus Projector - This weapon excites the local space time continuum on a micro level enabling the weapon to draw the very atmospheres of the afterworlds into the target. The target's life force is damaged on a subatomic level. Chromosomal damage results even if the victim survives. The target must save versus poison or be subject to spasms of wrecking pain in addition to physical damage every 1d3 rounds. 1d4 damage save versus poison -5 shots - 30 yards 
  4. Glorious Proteinsuim Nullifier - This weapon frees the protein bonds of any organic target reducing the target to a living soup of organs & such. The weapon projects a violet beam of excited molecules through the target. The weapon is considered by many to be a weapon of dishonor & deceit. It has been used in over 40 assassinations & acts of galactic terrorism. 1d6 points of damage target must save verus poison or lose body structure - 6 shots - 20 yard range
  5. Micro Planar Vermilion Device - This device opens subatomic planar gates within the structure of the target causing planar implosion. These gates will remain open for 1d4 rounds. 1d4 points of damage per round -6 shots- 40 yard range

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